9.15pm Ruth Lea on CentreRight: "The Euro Area either pushes ahead and builds the appropriate institutions to shore up the currency’s long-term survival prospects, or it faces collapse."

Picture_17.30pm WATCH:

5.30pm Parliament: George Osborne’s response to Alistair Darling statement

4.45pm CentreRight updates:

Clark_greg4pm ToryDiary: Greg Clark MP is new Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change

3pm Andrew Lilico on CentreRight: Recapitalizing banks from the bare cupboard? and What could be done, starting from here, other than blanket 100% deposit insurance?

11.45am Seats and candidates: Twenty-one more seats invite applications

11.15am Local government: Harrow replaces school crossing patrollers with lollipop ladies

Matthews_rupertRupert Matthews on Platform: Report Back on “What should be in the Conservative Manifesto for the European Elections?”

Local government: Cllr Paul Carter, Leader of Kent County Council, outlines his Council’s programme for young people

On CentreRight:

42-day detention dropped as unworkable

"Gordon Brown is preparing for a humiliating climbdown over his proposal to hold terrorist suspects for 42 days after being told that it will be defeated in the House of Lords. Ministers admit privately that there is not “a cat in Hell’s chance” of the legislation, which returns to the Lords this week, being passed into law." – Times

"We will help give banks the capital they need"
– David Cameron in the FT

Parliament returns today and Darling will address MPs on financial crisis – ePolitix

Watchdog clears Tories of breaking electoral law during 2005 electionGuardian

Boris Johnson orders inquiry into racism in the Met after Black Police Assn calls for minority communities to boycott its recruitment efforts

"London Mayor Boris Johnson is to order an inquiry into concerns raised about alleged racism faced by ethnic minority officers in the Metropolitan Police. The move comes after the Metropolitan Black Police Association said it would discourage black and Asian potential recruits from applying to the force." – BBC

"Welsh Tory leader says ‘I’m sorry’ to save his own skin"Western Mail | Saturday’s ToryDiary

Mandelson dissed Brown to Osborne; Osborne dissed the Conservatives to Mandelson?

Osbornegreentie"Peter Mandelson, the new Business Secretary, had a private meal with
George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, just weeks ago during which he
is alleged to have savagely criticised the Prime Minister… Both men
have admitted that the meeting had taken place, with Mr Mandelson going
further and threatening to reveal what the shadow Chancellor had told
him privately about the Conservatives." – Telegraph

Bruce Anderson: Mandelson was there at the beginning. It’ll be fitting that he’ll be there at the end

"Mandy was there at the beginning. The New Labour project depended on a handful of men: Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Alastair Campbell, Philip Gould – and Peter Mandelson. Mr Blair was the most important. Thereafter, we could argue about precedence. but Mr Mandelson was indispensable. It is fitting, therefore, that having been present at the creation, he should return in time for the obsequies. Sic transit gloria." – Bruce Anderson in The Independent

Painful choices ahead on tax and spend

"As the UK faces recession, pressures on the public finances will only increase; politicians have yet come to terms with the painful choices in tax and spending." – Times leader

"We’re in a financial trap, and things will get worse before they get better" – Dan Lewis in the Yorkshire Post

Jack McConnell loses opportunity to become High Commissioner because of Brown’s fear of by-electionScotsman

And finally…

John Prescott’s two-fingered salute to SNP activists is caught on film by the BBC.


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