10.30pm CentreRight: Graeme Archer is in St Petersburg

Halfonrobert8.30pm Robert Halfon on CentreRight: We have nothing to fear but fear of Peter Mandelson

7.45pm ToryDiary: Prepare for next year’s European elections

5pm ToryDiary: Conservatives need their own democracy agenda

5pm Parliament: Profile of Baroness Trumpington

4.15pm Parliament: What is a Ten Minute Rule Bill?

4pm Seats and candidates: The final eight for Fylde

Clark_greg_23.30pm ToryDiary: Greg Clark must keep the lights on

2pm Douglas Carswell MP on CentreRight: "Not happy about the way your community’s policed? Elect a Sheriff who’ll sort it out. Unhappy that one in ten cases are dropped by the incompetence of the local CPS? Rudy Giuliani wouldn’t have put up with it. Want a criminal justice system that puts the administering of justice ahead of rehabilitation? When you’re able to elect your sheriff, I think you’ll find most of your neighbours agree."

1.30pm ToryDiary: George Osborne: I did make a mistake over Deripaska but I didn’t break any rules

1.30pm Tom Greeves on CentreRight: Why I am not a localist

Noon ToryDiary: Put Eric Pickles in CCHQ

11am ToryDiary: There must be room for forgiving-and-forgetting in Project Cameron

CentreRight picks: Alex Deane on Spain and Peter Whittle on yet another attempt to appease Islamic sentiment

10am ToryDiary: The Cameron circle needs to be bigger

Tennextsteps_2 ToryDiary: Tories need to explain their macroeconomic strategy for the recession

Hugo Robinson on Platform: EU climate targets are bad for the environment and bad for the economy

Cllr David Burbage on Local government: Freezing council tax and spending more on the police

Punditpredictions1 Peter Cuthbertson introduces his new blog that aims to track the predictions of the punditocracy

Three videos:

Brown readies big speech to explain why he plans to borrow even more to address recessionBBC

More state spending is NOT the answer – Daily Mail leader

> The Mail backs a letter by sixteen economists, coordinated by Andrew Lilico

"Gordon Brown has raised the prospect of fresh international action to cut interest rates and stimulate the global economy. Mr Brown used an interview to hint that falling interest rates may lead to rate cuts by the Bank of England and central banks around the world, raising the prospect of another co-ordinated cut like this month’s 0.5 point reduction to calm the financial crisis." – Independent

George Osborne withdraws from individual discussions about individual donationsFT

More experts doubt Tory rail plan will help HeathrowFT

Tebbit: European countries to merge into ‘West European Republic’Telegraph

Andy Coulson won PR professional of the year at last year’s PR Week awards "but" is he popular with his peers? – Julian Henry in The Guardian

Bill Cash MP celebrates free trader John Bright

"So if Bright were alive today what would he be fighting for? His absolute priority would be to restore respect and authority to the Commons. The man who coined the phrase “the Mother of Parliaments” believed that the most precious thing that a person possessed was the right to vote for the laws that governed him and his country. He would be our foremost euro-realist railing against the imposition of European laws." – Bill Cash MP writing in The Times

Michael Gove: Eric Hobsbawm is our greatest living apologist

"Can we please have an end to fawning interviews with the unrepentant Moscow-liner Eric Hobsbawm? He is not, as the BBC argued this week, perhaps our greatest living historian. He’s an apologist for totalitarianism and when I think of the millions who were killed and tortured in Marxism’s name, from the Polish officers shot in Katyn forest to those brave dissidents who endured the gulag, I am convinced that only when Hobsbawm weeps hot tears for a life spent serving an ideology of wickedness will he ever be worth listening to." – Michael Gove in The Times

Sir Norman Fowler proposes a system of taxpayer-funded top-ups for retail donations to political partiesFT

John Hutton’s support for an EU Army is questioned

"Has Mr Hutton asked himself why our EU partners are so wedded to the idea of a pan-European defence force that can, in his grandiloquent words, "project power, strength and conviction around the world" – yet when faced by the challenge of the Taliban and al-Qaeda project only timidity? Has it occurred to him that this is the politics of posturing?" – Telegraph leader

> Nile Gardiner on CentreRight: Hutton’s support for an EU Army is a massive betrayal

Jack Straw: ‘Punishing criminals must come before offenders’ needs’Telegraph

Labour surrenders to green rebels and includes shipping and aviation in emission targets billGuardian

Gordon Brown has campaigned in his first by-election visit since becoming Prime MinisterSky

Alistair Campbell says Labour must rediscover "fight" to win General ElectionBBC

"The first thing to remember when considering Peter Mandelson’s version of events is that he is a proven liar." – Trevor Kavanagh in The Sun

And finally… Was George Osborne’s Bullingdon photo doctored?

Picture_3 "Dripping with privilege and arrogance, it is an image the Tories have been desperate to downplay. Yet their embarrassment over the picture of George Osborne in a notorious Oxford University drinking club intensified yesterday. Two ghostly figures appear to be lurking alongside the future Shadow Chancellor and his fellow members of the hellraising Bullingdon Club…" – Daily Mail


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