4pm WATCH: Lord Tebbit’s ten minute speech to mark the twentieth anniversary of Margaret Thatcher’s Bruges speech

3pm Andrew Lilico on CentreRight: Let’s get a few things straight…:“I believe the Conservative Party is allowing itself to be badly outmanoeuvred, and is perceived by the public as having no answer to recession and by journalists to be offering only token responses. Brown is now making the political running on the economy. How could we let the incompetent dull villain turn into the all-powerful imaginative super-hero? Are we now relying on human misery in the recession to win us the election by default? Is that really the best we can do?”

1.45pm Parliament: Opium poppies in Afghanistan

1.45pm Parliament: Labour MPs are gratuitously abusive

1pm WATCH:Picture_6

1pm ToryDiary: Osborne: If Britain begins to live within our means we can have lower interest rates

12noon: Parliament: Douglas Carswell and Gerald Howarth disagree on defence

10.30am ToryDiary: Was it Cameron who triggered the suspension of Ross?

ToryDiary: Ten predictions about economic policy and UK politics

Hayesquote John Hayes MP on Platform: We must use this economic crisis to engineer a moral capitalism

Seats and candidates: Even at this late stage could we introduce help for low income candidates?

Local government: Should council meetings be webcast? and Latest by-election results

Peter Whittle on CentreRight: ‘I’m now so old, my pussy is haunted’

WATCH: George Osborne warns of Labour’s ‘borrowing without limit’ and Alistair Darling says Bank of England has wide enough remit to support fight against recession

Picture_3 Conservatives lead by 9%Yesterday evening’s ToryDiary

Tax cutting Labour?

"Alistair Darling has hinted the Government may borrow more money for surprise tax cuts as Britain faces a deep recession. The Chancellor insisted now was the time to help people, not ‘take money out of their pockets’.  Borrowing to fund tax cuts would be condemned as deeply reckless by Opposition MPs and economists.  But many Labour MPs believe they would put the Tories in the politically nightmarish position of having to oppose measures to help hard-pressed families." – Daily Mail

‘Responsible’ Conservatives?

George Osborne is to attack Gordon Brown for "borrowing without limit" to deal with the economic downturn – BBC

"George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, will on Friday pave the way for tax rises under a Conservative government while warning against a “tax con” short-term cut by Gordon Brown. The Tories are concerned that the prime minister is using the recession to prepare a toxic financial legacy for an incoming David Cameron premiership after a June 2010 election." – FT

Lamontnorman And Norman Lamont agrees: "Before the Government adopts full-blown Keynesian policies, it should examine their effect on Japan after the bursting of its “property bubble”. Between 1991 and 1998, Japan spent 100 trillion yen on new railway lines and other public works. Little good did it do. Its economy stagnated. Since 1991, Japan’s government debt as a proportion of GDP rose from 64 per cent of GDP in 1991 to 171 per cent this year. Japan is in a debt trap it can’t escape." – Telegraph

"Two thirds of those questioned said they expect their personal financial situation to worsen over the next 12 months. Such intense economic pessimism should be fatal to an incumbent government, yet the Tories still appear inhibited by the fear of being accused of talking down the economy. It is time they snapped out of it." – Telegraph leader

Speaker Martin protects George Osborne from hostile questionsTimes

Andrew Lansley: 17,000 patients missing out on cancer treatment

Lansley_andrew_nw "The Government is not hitting targets on the number of radiotherapy treatments carried out each year, according to data released under the Freedom of Information Act. It means 17,000 cancer patients who should receive radiotherapy as part of their treatment are not getting it, the Conservatives said." – Telegraph

EU defence integration by stealth will damage NATO – Liam Fox in The Telegraph

Conservatives will not privatise Channel 4WARC

Labour are getting excited at prospect of President Obama – John Kampfner in The Telegraph

Martin Bright won’t rejoin Labour until it distances itself from billionaires New Statesman

MSP plans bill to legalise assisted suicideGuardian


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