6.45pm Seats and candidates: Elly Jupp stands down as candidate for Hayes and Harlington

6.15pm Local Government: Two more Lib Dem councillors join us.


5.30pm Ruth Lea on CentreRight: Does the Prime Minister really think he can spend his way out of recession?

5.30pm Local Government: Boris delivers on Routemaster buses and Stoke-on-Trent scraps elected Mayor

5.15pm ToryDiary: It turns out that New Labour was just like Old Labour after all

5pm Parliament: The Government continues to dodge written questions

Picture_8 3.45pm Two videos of David Cameron:

3.45pm Andrew Lilico on CentreRight: Fall in the sustainable growth rate of the UK economy

3pm Parliament: Quote of the day – Philip Davies on small businesses

1.15pm Parliament: What role should the Church play in Parliament?

12.45pm ToryDiary: Online readers slam BBC coverage of Osborne

12.30pm Local Government: Harrogate. Con gain overall control as Lib Dem defects

Osborne_speaking10am ToryDiary: Families will pay for Labour’s failure to prepare, warns George Osborne

ToryDiary: High speed rail proposal questioned by advisor to Department for Transport

Local government: Council by-election results and Business friendly Castle Point

Seats and candidates: Glenrothes by-election candidate calls for repeal of European Communities Act

Markfieldquote_2 Mark Field MP on Platform: A brave new world for bankers and the City

PlayPolitical: Daniel Mitchell makes the moral case for tax havens

Nile Gardiner on CentreRight: Barack Obama is the toast of Tehran

Conservatives face overseas funding inquiry

"The Electoral Commission is considering a complaint over the Tories’ handling of a £6,600 payment from a company controlled by Robin Saunders, an American banker. In February, Ms Saunders wrote a personal cheque to the party. It was returned because as a foreign national she is not a permitted donor to UK parties. But soon after she wrote a similar-sized cheque from her British investment company. It was accepted because UK law allows British companies to give money." – Telegraph

Time to tighten the law on foreign funding – Peter Riddell in The Times


David Cameron accused the Prime Minister yesterday of taking “desperate” measures to inflame the row over Oleg Deripaska

Mr Cameron also acknowledged that Scotland could soon split away from the United Kingdom but pledged to fight for the survival of the 300-year-old Union – Daily Express

Tory leader avoided banana skin when asked if Scotland could go it alone – Aberdeen Press and Journal

The Conservatives should let their attack dogs off the leash

"The Tories need to find modern day equivalents of David Evans, the former MP for Welwyn & Hatfield who died this week. Together with Barry Field (an undertaker by trade) he ripped into Labour in the late 1980s and early 1990s with a vigour rarely seen in politics nowadays. David Shaw, Nicholas Bennett and Harry Greenway were part of a group of Tory MPs who were adept at biting the ankles of their enemies." – Iain Dale in the Telegraph

David Cameron accepted free flights this summer to hold private talks with Rupert Murdoch on his luxury yachtThe Independent

Tories must not be dazzled by Obama

"If big government, collectivism, high taxes and appeasement of the Soviet Union were bad in Britain, they were bad in America too – and everywhere else." – Gerald Warner in the Telegraph

Mandelsondm0309_468x451_2Mandelson met oligarch earlier than he admitted

"European commission officials who worked for Lord Mandelson … said the two men met ‘at a few social gatherings in 2006 and 2007’, but had never discussed aluminium, the main source of Deripaska’s wealth. However, Mandelson and Deripaska were seen together at a Moscow restaurant in October 2004, after he had been appointed trade commissioner, but before he formally took up the post." – Guardian

Banks to answer to Lord Mandelson if they fail to fund small businesses – Times

Labour must not use the financial crisis as an excuse to revive its economic policies of the early 1980s, Peter Mandelson has warned – BBC

Mandy: I’m No1 Tory hate figure – The Sun

NHS has hit waiting time target says Alan Johnson

"Ministers redefined the target to require all trusts to treat 90% of inpatients and 95% of outpatients within 18 weeks. Across England during August, 90.2% of inpatients and 95.3% of outpatients were treated within 18 weeks." – Guardian

How Keynesian dare Alistair Darling be?

Every extra pound borrowed brings us closer to a run on sterling – Edmund Conway in the Telegraph

Sex education to begin at five in all schools with no opt-out for faith schoolsGuardian

MotGenetic MoT will detect disease in unborn children

"The £1,500 test, which should be available as early as next year, will allow couples at risk of passing on gene defects to conceive healthy children using IVF treatment. Unlike current tests it takes just weeks from start to finish and is suitable for couples at risk of almost any condition." – Times

Official data is expected to confirm that the UK economy is on the brink of recessionBBC

Sterling hits 5-year low as Asian markets plunge againGuardian

Petrol prices could rise by up to 5p a litre as OPEC threatens to cut production Telegraph

Biggest civil service union will strike on 10th November – action to hit jobcentres, tax offices, courts and jailsGuardian

Royal Mail profits doubled in last six months as 1,500 post offices were shutTelegraph

Police fear riots if Barack Obama loses US election

Barack_obama_1014437gThere have also been internet rumours about plans for protests or civil disobedience by supporters of Barack Obama if he is beaten by John McCain on November 4 – Telegraph

Greenspan: I was wrong about the economy… sort ofGuardian

And finally …

Boy, 16, banned from using Hoover or hot water under health and safety rulesTelegraph

Japanese woman arrested after ‘murdering’ virtual husband in online computer game – Telegraph


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