6.15pm  WATCH: Gordon Brown (1997) promises to keep house prices under control

5.15pm Parliament: Benyon blogs on PMQs

4.30pm Local Government: Council byelection results

4pm Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: Who will be first with the ‘time for sacrifices’ speech?

3.15pm ToryDiary: Blogosphere’s reaction to David Cameron’s economic responsibility speech

2.45pm CentreRight updates:

12.30pm Parliament: Greg Clark on climate change

Policy Exchange open its CentreRight account with an entry from Ben Caldecott: This government has failed and will continue fail in delivering emission reductions

12.15pm ToryDiary: They make a desert and call it stability

10.45am WATCH:

10am International: European Right divides over Brussels’ climate change plan

Camerononsky ToryDiary: Two cheers for David Cameron’s economic responsibility speech

Wilshire_david David Wilshire MP on Platform: Heathrow needs a third runway

Cllr Simon Renwick on Local government: How can Conservative Council candidates defeat "Independents"?

Steve Richards: Cameron needs to do "something big" to show he understands the new world

"One senior Conservative tells me that the party’s strong support for robust regulation of the privatised utilities demonstrates that it has never believed in a laissez-faire approach, but he accepts that many perceive them as reckless free marketers. I am told that Cameron plans to do "something big" when the markets calm down. Perhaps this will take the form of a series of speeches, starting with one he is delivering today on the economy, or something more substantial. But for the Conservatives to be remotely credible in this changed world they need to show conclusively they have learnt the "profound lessons" about the way free markets work and sometimes fail to do so. Attacking Brown is not good enough." – Steve Richards in The Independent

Jeff Randall: Where is George Osborne?

Osborneheadshot "Whatever you think of the Prime Minister – and no doubt I will read many of your opinions on our website – he does represent something. And, as they say in America, you can’t beat something with nothing. Zero, however, is the sum total of Mr Osborne’s performance in the latest, most dangerous phase, of the credit crunch. If you told me that he had been left behind on a stag trip, bound and gagged in a Prague motel, I’d be tempted to believe it. George, get your trousers on. Liven up. Your country needs you." – Jeff Randall in The Telegraph

Brown calls for petrol retailers to bring prices below £1 a litreTimes

Public spending will not be cut, says Gordon BrownTelegraph

Ireland introduces emergency measures as budget deficit hits 8% – Scotsman

Government commits UK to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050BBC

"No retreat from green agenda despite recession" – Ed Miliband talks to The Guardian

Harman_harriet Harriet Harman denies rowing with Brown on abortionePolitix

OECD ready to attack Labour’s record on briberySky

New British Army chief wants 30,000 troops surge for AfghanistanIndependent

The Times endorses Barack ObamaTimes leader

Exciting job opportunity in Boris Johnson’s private office: Senior Adviser (Policing)

"A Senior Adviser is required for the Mayor’s Private Office, to provide high level support to the Deputy Mayor (Policing) on the delivery of priorities and to attend meetings, deal with correspondence and manage relationships with internal and external contacts."  More here.

And finally…

Quentin Letts reviews the parliamentary dog show: "Nick Harvey (Lib Dem, North Devon) was attending the show with his beautiful golden retriever, name of Crumpet. Crumpet? That’s not a very politically correct name for a Lib Dem." – Daily Mail


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