11pm ToryDiary: Tory lead temporarily trimmed to 10%

8.45pm Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: McCain suspends presidential campaign and calls for bipartisan focus on troubled economy

7.15pm ToryDiary: ‘David Cameron wants his wicked way with you’

CentreRight: Alex Deane wants to know what you think of Ruth Kelly

6a00d83451b31c69e2010534d1eb3c970c84pm: Tim Montgomerie exclusively reveals that Gordon Brown has slumped to 5.6% and Louise Bagshawe wants to know if Gordon ‘I won’t use my children as props’ Brown is aware of the photoshopped photo on the right

1.30pm Jim McConalogue on CentreRight: Why David Cameron must lead a New Model Conservative Government

12.30pm Greg Hands on CentreRight: Dramatic findings of the huge PoliticsHome marginals survey

12.15pm ToryDiary: Top Blair aide Matthew Taylor attacks Brown’s "authenticity"

11.30am CentreRight:

ToryDiary: A speech that won’t change anything

LeahfraserquoteCllr Leah Fraser on Seats and candidates: Why Wallasey and Worsley (and many seats like them) DO matter to the Conservative Party

Local government: Vote against the Congestion Charge Extension

THE FIRST REVIEW: Jesse Norman on Platform reviews The Plan

AmericaInTheWorld: Do guns make America safer?

Jeremy Hunt on CentreRight: Brown’s lurch to the left


Kelly_ruth Ruth Kelly has asked to leave CabinetBBC

The Daily Mail reports that Ruth Kelly was "disgusted" at Brown’s speech.

Will Brown’s speech have any lasting effect?

"Despite the warm reception Mr Brown received for the speech, his future is still uncertain. A strong showing from Mr Cameron next week at his own party conference in Birmingham and continued poor showings in the poll will again lead to Labour MPs returning to Westminster next month questioning whether they can win under Mr Brown." – Telegraph

"His party, if it won’t remove him, is doomed." – Simon Heffer in The Telegraph

Business expressed concern at Gordon Brown’s signal of a potentially dramatic rise in climate change targets – FT

Heseltine to Miliband…

Heseltine_michael Lord Heseltine has offered the Foreign Secretary some advice through the pages of The Times (our paraphrasing):

  1. Don’t make another false move of the kind Miliband took in the summer with his Guardian article that failed to mention Brown.
  2. Labour MPs won’t vote for an end to Brown because that means an early election and turkeys don’t vote for Christmas.
  3. Wait for Brown to lead the ship to disaster and then provide the (post-election) lifeboat.
  4. You (Miliband) are not equipped to satisfy the emboldened Left’s hunger for anti-capitalism.

Labour think the voters are wrong – Daniel Finkelstein in The Times

Simon Hart gets £40,000 boost to his campaign to become Welsh MP

Hart_simon "A hedge fund with its headquarters in New York has donated £40,000 to a local Conservative Association in rural Wales… Plaid Cymru’s national chair John Dixon said he was extremely concerned that a company with no local connections was prepared to put so much money into the Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire Conservative Association… The Tory candidate in the seat next time will be Simon Hart, chief executive of the pro-hunting campaign group the Countryside Alliance." – Western Mail

Former Tory MEP Paul Howell dies in Mozambique plane crashTimes

Bill Clinton praises Sarah Palin as "hot"The Sun

And finally…

Andrew Rosindell is bitten by monkey during visit to Gibraltar – Independent


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