11.45pm ToryDiary: Tories hit 52%

6.45pm CentreRight: Daniel Hamilton on ending Strasbourg sessions in the European Parliament

5.30pm Local Government: Roger Evans AM on opposing the opposition to Boris

5.15pm CentreRight:

5pm PlayPolitical:

4.30pm ToryDiary: Ipsos MORI poll rumoured to show Tories exceeding 50%

1pm CentreRight: Peter Franklin on the continuing significance for Nick Clegg of the number 30

12.30pm ToryDiary: David Cameron, The Andrex puppy dog

Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: Inside the Brown bunker

ConservativeInternational: UK Tories deepen relations with centre right parties in Europe

Local government: "Are you in favour of the proposal for Stoke-on-Trent City Council to be run in a new way, which includes a councillor, who will be elected by the councillors of Stoke-on-Trent to lead the council and the community which it serves?"

Seats and candidates: Iain Dale meets Chloe Smith, the youngest Tory female candidate

PlayPolitical video: Harriet Harman cites Brown’s economic experience in defence of his leadership

More ministers set to resign from Brown’s GovernmentIndependent

"He’s so unpopular that no one can remember a time since Neville Chamberlain, after Hitler invaded Norway, that anyone was so unpopular. And we can’t allow that situation to continue." – George Howarth MP, BBC

"A re-launch by Labour’s new leader at Holyrood was overshadowed yesterday when a Scotland Office minister quit in protest at Gordon Brown’s leadership just minutes beforehand." – Telegraph

Labour minister accuses Cameron of playing Muslim card

"Baroness Warsi, a shadow communities minister, was given the role as part of a "opportunistic courtship of the Muslim vote" by a "cynical Tory Party," according to Sadiq Khan, a Government whip. David Cameron, the Conservative leader, has used the "Tory spin machine" to make out that his party is on the side of British Muslims because it needs their votes to win key seats, he said." – Telegraph

Tory Treasury team gets the Simon Heffer treatment

"In the current financial and political crisis the Opposition has
remained if not silent, then very circumspect. This would appear to be
for two reasons. First, the need for it to have an economic policy
independent of Labour’s has come as something of a shock, and an
alternative still has to be formed. Second, we can be far from sure
that either Mr Osborne or his teenage advisers, most of whom were
either not born or were still busily engaged in potty training when we
last had problems on this scale in the mid-1970s, properly understand
what is going on." – Simon Heffer in The Telegraph

Nick Clegg’s ‘nuisance calls’ clash with Coronation Street and Champions League football

"250,000 people in 50 selected constituencies will also receive automated phone calls this evening from Mr Clegg, setting out the Lib Dem position on various policies, and asking for voter feedback." – BBC

"Critics immediately pointed out that the British public may be less tolerant than Americans of having their evening disrupted by a politician – particularly when the calls, scheduled for "tea time", will clash with Champions League football matches featuring Arsenal, Celtic and Manchester United. The nation’s favourite soap opera, Coronation Street, will also be on television as the calls are made to 250,000 homes in constituencies around the country identified by the party as targets." – Telegraph

Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrat leader, has wildly under-estimated the level of the basic state pension
Telegraph | CentreRight

Preview of Clegg’s speech – PoliticsHome

> PlayPolitical video: Nick Clegg attacks "arrogant" and "smug" David Cameron

Record emigration from Britain

"You can bet that the mass exodus of 406,000 in the past 12 months consisted mostly of hard-working Brits thinking, “If you can’t beat ’em, leave.” Meaning our population is heading towards being top-heavy with those who are needy, unskilled, bone idle or simply using Britain as a way to making a fast buck that they send back home to their own country." – Jane Moore in The Sun

Nervous Democrats plan wave of advertisements attacking Senator John McCainTelegraph

Australia’s conservative opposition elects republican as leaderTelegraph | ConservativeInternational

And finally…

Tony Blair to appear on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show – BBC


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