10pm CentreRight updates: Dodging NHS reform is not an option, News of the end of the world, McCain responds to Obama lipstick jibe and Right-sided think tank attacks "Barmy Boris"

4.30pm AmericaInTheWorld: Are world citizens in a better position to decide who should be America’s next President?

Neville_jones_23.30pm ToryDiary: Three cheers for PNJ

3pm CentreRight: Dan Hamilton on Kim Jong-Il and Alex Deane on Press TV

12.45pm ToryDiary: Does Lansley really mean this?

9.45am ToryDiary: Why is the BBC funding pro-Obama polls?

ToryDiary: Conservatives now unlikely to make large changes to UK-wide funding settlement

Local government: Should Conservative councils cut council tax for all or give rebates to some?

PlayPolitical videos:  David Cameron tells ‘Worcester woman’ that every person coming into Britain must learn English and Boris unveils his climate change strategy

The Guardian opens it mind to voting Conservative

A leader in The Guardian suggests that the Conservatives are making a plausible case for its readers’ votes.

PoliticalBetting: Is Cameron now becoming acceptable to the Guardian?

"What do the Tories stand for?" – Click here for The Guardian’s new rolling guide to Conservative policy.

Larry Elliott: There are four strands to Tory economic policy

  1. Help for industry; "We have rejected the argument that the best thing a government can do is get out of the way," said one source."
  2. Blairite reforms to the public sector
  3. Strengthen Bank of England independence
  4. Fully-funded tax cuts – funded by a tax on non-doms and unspecified higher green taxes.

Analysis by Larry Elliott in The Guardian.

ConservativeHome’s recent review of Conservative economic policies.

Tories and public spending

Boris Johnson plans to cut spending by 15% in template for national Conservative rule – Daily Mail

"Labour accused the Tories on Tuesday of shifting policy “towards deep and painful cuts” in public spending, in an attack that draws the battle lines for this month’s party conference season." – FT

"In an annual budget of £618 billion, there is considerable scope to
trim spending without affecting vital services: a start could be made
by abolishing many of the quangos set up by this Government and the
accompanying profusion of unnecessary jobs." – Telegraph leader

"Mr Osborne has chosen a sensible economic course in protecting only health, education and international aid from cuts." – FT leader

No opposition can make detailed promises about how much they will spend – Daniel Finkelstein in The Times

Alliance of nine environmental campaigning groups attacks all parties’ commitment to green actionFT

"Although David Cameron made the environment a "defining issue" in his
first 18 months as Tory leader, the groups say his party’s approach has
been "strong on presentation and weak on substance" in the past year
and the issue has enjoyed "a far lower profile"." – Independent

William Hague questions Gordon Brown’s praise for Obama

Government and electricity industry agrees £1bn energy saving planGuardian

Ten million homes to receive help to reduce fuel bills – Telegraph

Unions have given Labour £30m since last electionTelegraph


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