3.15pm WATCH: Cameron’s 12 minute speech on the economic crisis

2.45pm CentreRight updates:

  • Andrew Lilico on the perils of consensus: "Towards the end of his speech Cameron condemned the "political wrangling and point scoring" in America and urged that we must not allow this to occur in Britain.  Here I believe Cameron is wrong – dangerously wrong."
  • Simon Chapman notes a failure of global leadership with the banking crisis: "In America, the bailout plan has failed. By the time we get to next week that may not seem so bad – it wasn’t a good plan. We shouldn’t swiftly dismiss the legitimate concerns of those who felt this was a blank cheque too far."

11.15am ToryDiary: David Cameron makes emergency statement to Conference

Graeme Archer on CentreRight reviews The Guardian’s ‘Who is the top Tory?’ debate and the Conservative Humanist Association event with Richard Dawkins


Matthew Elliott, John Glen, Jill Kirby and Oliver Marc Hartwich on Platform: Do we need to raise taxes?

Local government: Cllr Hugh Hunter, leader of South Ayrshire Council, on his Council’s approach to fighting crime

WATCH: Three minute ITN video includes interview with Theresa Villiers and highlights of George Osborne’s speech, a Channel 4 report on the Tories’ chance of success in Birmingham and House of Representatives rejects $700bn bailout plan for banks’ toxic debt

AmericaInTheWorld: An international consensus against Sino-authoritarianism

Tory lead down to 12%Independent | Yesterday evening’s ToryDiary

George Osborne’s speech and promise of two year freeze of council tax

"Council tax bills would be frozen for two years under Conservative proposals aimed at helping middle-income families to cope with the economic downturn. The tax freeze would mean a saving of £70 in the first year for an average household in a Band D property." – Times

"The Tories’ 40-page Reconstruction: Plan for a Strong Economy is the most important publication from the party in opposition since The Right Approach to the Economy, produced by the Thatcher economic team more than 30 years ago." – Peter Riddell in The Times

‘The Sun Says’ that the Tories will have to cut the bloated public sector (ConservativeHome reached the same conclusion yesterday).

Dominic Grieve to scrap police health and safety laws

"Health and safety laws that police officers say have stopped them intervening in crimes or to save lives will be reformed, the Conservatives will pledge today. The rules will also be changed to protect people who intervene to stop a crime facing arrest and charges." – Telegraph

Andrew Lansley pledges big increase in single rooms in NHS hospitals

"Plans to almost double the number of single rooms in hospitals were unveiled by the Conservatives at their conference in Birmingham yesterday. Andrew Lansley, the shadow health secretary, said the Conservatives aimed to increase the number of single rooms in wards by 45,000 in the party’s first term in government to nearly 100,000. The proportion of beds in single rooms would increase from 28% to 55%." – Guardian | Independent

Corporate unease over Tory positions on Heathrow and nuclear powerFT

"Richard Lambert, director general of the CBI, the business lobby group, said: “A high speed rail link would have a lot going for it, but don’t think for a minute that it will solve the capacity problems at Heathrow. We need to have a third runway at Heathrow, as long as all the environmental conditions are met.” – Times | Guardian

Grant Shapps: "Gordon Brown’s multimillion pound schemes to help poor families get on the housing ladder have been an expensive failure."Telegraph

Oliver Letwin promises to complete Blair’s public service reformsIndependent | Sun


"Ministers in a future Tory government would be compelled to appear before Holyrood committees to explain their policies to Scotland, David Cameron pledged yesterday." – Scotsman

Welsh Tory attack on Rhodri Morgan’s “unique dress sense and hairstyle” is questionedWestern Mail

ConservativeFuture’s Chairman Michael Rock interviewed on tenth anniversary of youth group’s formationGuardian

Margaret Thatcher chosen as ‘Top Tory’ by fringe meeting

Today’s Tory conference theme is Britain’s broken societyePolitix

David Cameron and George Osborne will make unscheduled statements on the rejected US bailout

Peter Oborne: Tories are in the pockets of market spivs

"The deeply uncomfortable fact remains that the Tory Party depends for its very existence on the financial support of well-disposed private equity tycoons, investment bankers and hedge-fund managers – the self-same men and women who have brought Britain to its knees." – Daily Mail

David Aaronovitch: Half of new Conservative policy seems simply to consist of not doing things

"Vote for a party that the Archbishop of Canterbury could be happy in: tolerant, complacent in the best sense, slightly sanctimonious, Establishment, half-full of ineffectual piety. The Conservatives are conservative again. Ready, once more, to manage decline. Vote weed." – David Aaronovitch in The Times

Taxpayers in the South East are paying out £2,000 each to support services in the NorthDaily Mail

And finally…

"Puffed-out Cameron picks up the pace again after cameras spot him walking during morning jog" – Daily Mail


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