8.15pm ToryDiary: Pre-Conference survey is now live

7.45pm Louise Bagshawe on CentreRight: Biden meltdown

6.45pm PlayPolitical video: The final section of Gordon Brown’s Party Conference speech

Youcanttrustbrown14.15pm ToryDiary: Hat tip to CCHQ

Youcanttrustbrown2 4pm ToryDiary: Financial Times rejects Brown’s misuse of George Osborne quotation

3.30pm ToryDiary: Brown says Conservatives have "changed their tune but haven’t changed their minds"

CentreRight: Alex Deane on the tragedy in Finland

12.30pm Greg Hands on CentreRight: Does Brown’s internet plan connect?

10.30am Jim McConalogue on CentreRight: Why not good old-fashioned self-regulation?

ToryDiary: The Plan by Hannan and Carswell to launch tomorrow

ToryDiary: David Willetts promises Tory support for expansion of universities

ManningquoteJulia Manning on Platform: The NHS has our money. We all deserve better treatment.

Local government: Should councils employ Chief Executives?

Peterlyburn_2Seats and candidates: Peter Lyburn has been adopted for Perth and North Perthshire

International: Australia’s ConservativeHome

Suli Shah on CentreRight: A mortgage fable

AmericaInTheWorld: The number of Americans with passports doesn’t tell us that much

PlayPolitical video: Joe Biden admits that his campaign’s ad attack on John McCain’s computer skills was "terrible"

Cruddas Jon Cruddas is the new hero of the Left and may be in Cabinet by this FridayIndependent

David Miliband toned down speech to avoid ‘Heseltine moment’ BBC | Watch speech

Gordon Brown pledges internet at home for 1.4m more childrenSky News

Michael Gove’s response: "The centrepiece of Gordon Brown’s leadership speech is a policy already announced six weeks ago, which his own civil servants said at the time was based on a calculation ‘plucked out of thin air’. It was first announced in January 2007, before Gordon Brown even became Prime Minister. It’s vital that we bridge the digital divide and spread access more fairly but this Government’s record in handling huge IT projects hardly commands confidence.”

Coal and nuclear will keep the lights on, says John HuttonIndependent

Polly Toynbee lists the policies that Labour should introduce and forget about winning the General Election – Guardian

Heatonharris_chris Chris Heaton-Harris MEP leads opposition to attempts to stop anonymous bloggingTelegraph

Boris defends the City, George Osborne attacks Labour’s economic management

"Before we get carried away with neo-socialist claptrap, we should remember the huge benefits brought to this country by bankers and the City of London." – The Mayor of London in The Telegraph

"For a decade Britain allowed an economy to be built on debt at every level: personal debt, corporate debt, banking debt and government debt. When you hear Gordon Brown say that we are better prepared than other countries to face the current problems consider these three facts. First, our average household debt is higher than any other country in the G7. Second, our house prices went up faster than house prices in America. Third, we enter this downturn with the highest budget deficit in the developed world and higher net debt than when Labour came to office. Gordon Brown simply refuses to even recognise the debt problem exists." – The Shadow Chancellor in The Independent

Third runway at Heathrow ‘is a done deal’Times


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