10.15pm PlayPolitical video: Nick Clegg attacks "arrogant" and "smug" David Cameron

5.15pm Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: Ming would have known the answer

3.45pm CentreRight updates:

11.45am ToryDiary: Time cover story reveals a little more of David Cameron the man

11am Seats and candidates: Finalists for Bournemouth West

Seats and candidates: 67% of candidates say mutual aid from other associations is poor or very poor and Jeremy Clarkson for Sheffield Hallam!

Local government: Cllr Harry Phibbs is ConservativeHome’s new local government editor

Tony Lodge on Platform: Why the Conservatives should back Kingsnorth and new cleaner coal power stations

International: Malcolm Turnbull of Spycatcher fame is the new leader of Australia’s Liberals

MUST WATCH PlayPolitical video: ‘One Day More!’, the eve of revolution song from Les Misérables, is sung from ‘Barack Obama HQ’.

Centre for Social Justice and Smith Institute publish joint call for action on social breakdownDaily Mail

George Osborne promises fast, cross-party support for action on depositor protection

"Alistair Darling has been urged by the Conservatives to rush through legislation to boost protection for savers in failing banks, to help shore up confidence as the global bank crisis worsens." – FT | Times

Philip Stephens: Taxes will have to go up under the Conservatives

"The bigger problem for the Tories… lies in an assumption that the fruits of economic growth can be readily shared between higher spending on public services and a rebate to taxpayers. Even in good times, this formula assumes that public services take a progressively smaller share of national income. These are not good times. George Osborne, shadow chancellor, seemed to acknowledge as much last week when he shaded a previous pledge to stick to Labour’s spending targets. But delivering on tax cuts would require a lot more than shading." – Philip Stephens in the FT

Business flocks to Tory conference

"David Cameron is this year proving a greater draw for business than Gordon Brown, figures released to the FT suggest. The Tories have sold out their Corporate Day, a £995-a-head event that offers extensive access to shadow ministers. Attendance has doubled under Mr Cameron, with delegate numbers rising from 41 in 2005 to 80 this year. The Conservatives have sold out the lucrative exhibition space for their Birmingham event. The party has sold 93 stands, each costing £4,500 to £10,050 plus value added tax, compared with 73 last year, officials said." – FT

Boris Johnson defends the BBC licence fee from Noel EdmondsTelegraph

Labour leadership crisis

Minister set to resign from Government today – Telegraph

"We do have a problem at the helm – and we must act before the Tory lead becomes gold-plated" – Fiona Mactaggart MP in The Guardian

Lib Dems: We’ll seize vital seats as Labour implodesIndependent

LibDems in Bournemouth

"Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne is to set out his vision of how to tackle crime in the UK. At the party conference he will attack both Labour and the Conservatives for what he calls "punishment posturing"." – BBC

"By backing tax policies that outdo Tory plans for public sector cuts, Nick Clegg is nailing his party to a Thatcherite mast." – Seumas Milne in The Guardian

"The sandal-wearers have had a brainstorm. They want to SLASH spending, CUT taxes and ditch plans to join the euro? Why don’t they save time and just join the Tories?" – The Sun Says

"A livid MP yesterday livened up the dreary Liberal Democrat conference — by shoving a former party spin doctor over a wall. Burly Adrian Sanders, 50, is said to have seen red after ex communications chief Mark Littlewood predicted a Lib Dem election wipe-out." – The Sun

Muslim MP calls for religious equality lawIndependent


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