4.30pm CentreRight: Matthew Elliott reviews the Community Security Trust’s report on Anti-Semitism in Britain

Wheeler_stuart 4.15pm ToryDiary: The Conservatives and big donors

3.30pm Matt Sinclair on CentreRight: Time to ditch Polly Toynbee

3pm CentreRight: Peter Cuthbertson on Nick Clegg’s creationism

1.30pm America In The World: Our vision of American global leadership

12.30pm CentreRight:

10.45am CentreRight: Jim McConalogue on the EU plan to allow foreign courts to sentence British citizens without trial:Mcconalogue Wreckquote_2 ToryDiary: David Cameron warns that Left will use current crisis against City and Tories hit 52%!

Rupert Matthews on Platform: What should be in the Conservative Manifesto for the European Elections?

Local government: Something rotten in Tower Hamlets

CentreRight: Jeremy Hunt argues that current economic conditions mean the rules have changed and Alex Deane on another Brown gaffe

Picture_22 PlayPolitical video: Tzipi Livni becomes leader of Israel’s governing party

Gordon Brown orders new attacks on David Cameron

"Gordon Brown has ordered Labour to portray David Cameron as a right-wing "wolf in sheep’s clothing" in an attempt to close the Conservative Party’s growing lead in the opinion polls." – Independent

"Cabinet minister James Purnell has refused to condemn Labour’s rebel MPs and warned there is no "magic bullet" to win back voters." – BBC

"Theresa May for Equal Pay"

Women_matter"Shadow Minister for Women, Theresa May is today (Thursday) launching a campaign for equal pay for women. The campaign is supported by TV presenter June Sarpong who recently launched the website ‘Politics & the City’. ‘Theresa May for Equal Pay’ will launch today as a group on Facebook and aims to generate greater awareness about the gender pay gap which still affects women today." –

Click here for the Facebook group.

Could Stuart Wheeler back UKIP?The Independent

Nick Clegg deserves only 6 out of 10 at best under the turmoil test – Peter Riddell in The Times

Home Office accused of ‘burying bad news’ over immigrationTelegraph

It’s official! These are "more conservative times" – Stated within today’s Independent leader

Obama catches McCain – Both candidates have 45.7% in the latest polling averages


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