10.15pm ToryDiary: "Thatcher to meet with Brown on nostalgic return to Chequers"

6.30pm Ruth Lea makes her first post on CentreRight: Giscard leads the way

6.15pm ToryDiary: Jack Straw set to lose his seat

5pm AmericaInTheWorld: 22% of world opinion blames US or Israel for 9/11

Timebi_24.30pm Ben Brogan notes that David Cameron is on the front cover of Time:

"In it he’s described as "very posh" and "a tall sleek figure". The article also tries to pin him down by talking to those who have known him a while, all of whom – funnily enough – are impressed by his ruthlessness, drive, intellect and normality."

4pm PlayPolitical video: Chris Grayling says Labour’s energy package ‘amounts to very little’

3.30pm Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: The missing face

Scottishtories150 2.30pm ToryDiary: Scottish Tories offers £150 council tax cut

1.15pm Seats and candidates: Would you like to unseat Alistair Darling?

1pm PlayPolitical videos: Joe Biden invites wheelchair bound Senator to stand up and says Hillary Clinton might have been a better pick than me

12.30pm Julia Manning is navel-gazing on CentreRight (but for very good, life-saving reasons)

ToryDiary: Andrew Lansley proposes paying drug companies by results

Matt Sinclair on CentreRight decides it’s time to panic: Our chances of keeping the lights on fade

PlayPolitical video: Gordon Brown vows to end ‘dictatorship of oil’


Today’s must-read: Kelvin Mackenzie on gang violence in Britain – The Sun

Grant Shapps: Government should use its powers to suspend HIPS

"If Gordon Brown genuinely wanted to help the beleaguered housing market, he would use his powers to suspend this harmful regulation and save homebuyers’ money. These little-known provisions to suspend Hips were introduced for a reason – to undo the regulations quickly if it all went wrong. The next Conservative government will scrap this unnecessary red tape completely, but a suspension now would deliver those benefits sooner rather than later." – Tory housing spokesman quoted by the BBC

Hard-headed trade unions hedge bets and open talks with Conservative Party

"Some of Labour’s biggest donors, including the GMB, the Communication Workers Union, Unison and Usdaw, have confirmed that they have held meetings with Richard Balfe, the Tory trade union envoy." – Times

Sarah Palin is a warning to David Cameron

"If you are defined by your newness, you will always be vulnerable to the emergence of something newer. In Birmingham the Tories must do what Obama failed to do: put down strong enough policy foundations that they are not vulnerable to a political tremor." – James Forsyth in The Spectator

Labour’s record on immigration

"The PM’s claim to have created three million British jobs is a grave deceit, says Fraser Nelson. Strip out immigrants from the picture, and Labour has barely dented the problem of British worklessness. Over to you, Mr Cameron." – The Spectator

Stephen Byers: David Cameron is not a progressive

"George Osborne is happy to describe himself as a social liberal, whereas David Cameron is clearly a social conservative. Just consider his voting record in parliament: in support of retaining section 28; in favour of cutting the time limit for abortions; and in favour of wishing to deny IVF treatment to lesbian couples. His is not a social progressive agenda but one that has more to do with the past than the future." – Writing in The Guardian

Labour is divided on attacking Cameron – Guardian

The Guardian’s survey of Tory candidates: Readers react | Our coverage

Labour’s plight

The Independent’s poll of polls puts Labour 19% behind: "The slide in Labour’s support may have stopped, but it has done so at the bottom of a deep electoral hole," said John Curtice, professor of politics at Strathclyde University, who compiled the statistics. "The public’s disenchantment with Labour is now clearly no temporary blip – and seems unlikely to be reversed in the absence of actions and words from the Government that persuade the public to look at it afresh."

And finally… Tatler’s Tory Ten

"Many of the Tory 10 that appear in this month’s Tatler have firsts from Oxbridge; they are barristers and former employees of Saatchi & Saatchi. They are, in short, a bit odd, at least when you compare them to other young people. Brilliant, but odd all the same.  The young are not stupid. They know that if someone wanted a cool career they would have become a rock star or an artist, not a politician. It is condescending and embarrassing when an MP talks about having Arctic Monkeys on his or her iPod, pretending to be something they are not." – Bryony Gordon in The Telegraph | The photographs


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