6pm CentreRight updates: Tim Montgomerie on George Michael, Alex Deane on noisy cyclists

6pm PlayPolitical video: How much will racist attitudes hurt Barack Obama?

3pm Graeme Archer on CentreRight: "Once we open up the machinery for educational provision, isn’t it highly likely that parents and ethnic/religious communities will seize hold of it, and set up their ‘own’ schools, at an ever-increasing pace? Is it ridiculously pessimistic to fear that this will lead to even less interaction between people from different backgrounds, as surely as night follows day?"

ToryDiary: Tories set to suspend plans for green taxation

AmericaInTheWorld: "America is a dream. Even to those who it lets down."

CentreRight: Matt Sinclair on Pakistan’s slide

PlayPolitical video: Democrat Congressman calls Sarah Palin "disabled"

Boris’ plan to replace Heathrow

"The London mayor Boris Johnson is proposing to close down Heathrow and replace it with a 24-hour airport in the Thames estuary." – The Sunday Times

Cameron puts debt reduction ahead of tax reliefThe Sunday Telegraph

"The George Osborne Supremacy" – Extended portrait in the Mail on Sunday

Tories set for majority of 146

"Gordon Brown is set to lead Labour into an election bloodbath so crushing it could take his party a decade to recover, according to the largest ever poll of marginal seats which predicts a landslide victory for David Cameron." – The Observer

Bolton West is turning away from Ruth KellyThe Observer

> Last night’s ToryDiary: The biggest marginals poll ever predicts Tory majority of 146

Labour face defeat in Glenrothes

In an unusually worded poll question ICM find Labour set to lose Glenrothes by-election – Mail on Sunday

Jon Cruddas wants 45% top tax rate to fund relief for lower income workersBBC

Nick Clegg’s new autocue

"Clegg’s autocue consisted of three large screens, left, right and straight ahead in the centre of the hall. To anyone in the audience, they looked black, as if they were switched off. But from the stage, Clegg could see the words of his text, jokes and all, scrolling slowly upwards. Some clever electronic equivalent of those slats on traffic lights that lets them be seen from only one direction, I suppose." – John Rentoul in the Independent on Sunday

Peter Hitchens: The Centre Left media run Britain

Hitchenspeterwhiteshirt"The imposition of the liberal careerist David Cameron on the Tory Party, once Michael Howard had finished being the establishment’s caretaker, was also achieved by the ‘Centre-Left’ media. They adopted Mr Cameron as their candidate and propelled him to victory despite a very poor start to his campaign and an equally poor performance on live TV, later on, up against his more conservative rival, David Davis." – Peter Hitchens in the Mail on Sunday

"The economic success of Britain and America has been exposed as a debt-fuelled illusion" – Norman Lamont in The Sunday Telegraph

And finally…

David Cameron’s bike helmet on sale for NSPCC – BBC


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