8.30pm International: The perils of calling an early election

4.45pm ChickenWatch: Fraser Kemp, 50, joins growing list of Labour retirees

4.30pm Matt Sinclair on CentreRight: Why is it that the term “middle class” has such different meanings in the US and the UK?


Parliament: The EU answers Chris Heaton-Harris’ dead parrot question

PlayPolitical video: Charles Clarke warns that Brown must shape up or quit

Polly Toynbee: Unseat Brown

"Getting rid of the prime minister is a very high risk strategy, but a dying party should be ready to take dangerous medicine." – Guardian

"Harriet Harman has given her bleakest assessment of the Government’s plight, admitting that there is dissatisfaction with Labour as the party prepares for a week-long onslaught from an emboldened union movement." – Times

The Guardian overviews Labour’s forthcoming challenges

New Iain Duncan Smith report

Duncan_smith"Children in care should be able to sue their local council if it fails to provide them with a decent upbringing and education, a think-tank chaired by the former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith will argue today." – Independent

UKIP’s Nigel Farage challenges David Cameron, UKIP’s factions challenge Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage in his leader’s speech, quoted by the BBC: "David Cameron could kill the Lisbon Treaty stone dead. All he has to do is say that there will be a referendum on the treaty after the next election when – and let’s not kid ourselves on this – he will be prime minister. This would strengthen the arms of the Polish and Czech presidents in their refusals to ratify Lisbon and make any attempt at a second referendum in Ireland impossible."

"As hundreds of delegates gather for their annual conference in a rain-swept Bournemouth this weekend the party finds itself riven with furious – and quite extraordinary – infighting. Its leader, Nigel Farage, is facing an attempted coup to unseat him by several factions of the party, including one with links to the far-right British National Party (BNP) and another still loyal to his predecessor." – Independent

Litter snoopers

"Children as young as eight have been recruited by councils to "snoop" on their neighbours and report petty offences such as littering, the Daily Telegraph can disclose."

Full fiscal independence could be next step for Scottish devolutionTelegraph

"The Scottish National party claimed on Friday that Gordon Brown had been forced to “cave in” to giving the devolved Holyrood parliament greater financial powers because of the party’s surging popularity." – FT

Jeremy Clarkson: Why Britain is now a Third World country

Clarkson_jeremy"Britain is a rich and civilised country with many trains, a rule of law, benefits for the needy and much public transport. Unfortunately, none of it actually works any more. Not the weather. Not the Government. Not even our useless national football teams." – The Sun

And finally… Michael Fabricant MP mistaken for drug smuggler

"A Conservative MP trekking in Colombia was held at gunpoint in the
jungle and forced to eat coffee whitener from a jar in his backpack
after soldiers mistook it for cocaine." – Scotsman | Times


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