11.15pm Matt Sinclair on CentreRight: At some point, someone will need to make this speech

10.15pm ToryDiary: The biggest marginals poll ever predicts Tory majority of 146

7.45pm ToryDiary: Tories dip below 40% in new poll

5.45pm Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: CentreRight at its best

Peter Franklin on leaving things to the experts / Dan Hamilton on Ed Miliband

1pm CentreRight:

2mincalifornia Seats and candidates: Should the Tories spend £2m in California?

ToryDiary: LibDems get Conference bounce

Local Government: Oldham Council cuts 850 staff

Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: Where are the super-brained regulators?


"Recently, someone with belligerent new neighbours requested anti-depressant and sleeping pills but pills were not the solution. After several months and in desperation, she requested a letter to move away from a house that has been home to three generations. “Can you put in a strong medical reason, like stress or depression, as otherwise I won’t get enough points from the Council to get out of the area?” pleaded the young mother. Why have councils become insensitive? Why medicalise a social problem? Why put out good people to please and embolden the bad ones? Why does our society tolerate people who wreak misery on others?"

Dr Teck Khong on Platform: The social problems driving ill health

George Osborne repeats "effing awful" judgment on Brown

Osbornegeorgec4 "George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, in a magazine interview has repeated his charge that Mr Brown was an "effing awful" Prime Minister. Mr Osborne was rebuked by the Commons authorities for using the same language when Mr Brown was Chancellor. "Well, I was right, wasn’t I? He is an effing awful prime minister. And you should be able to tell the truth in Parliament. When it comes to political communication, Brown is just so bad at it." Mr Osborne, who in the past has called Mr Brown "weak "brutal" "unpleasant, "a phoney" and a "failure", added: "Do I hate the man? I certainly stand by everything I’ve said about him."" – Telegraph

Alan Johnson says he doesn’t aspire to job of PMTimes

"Rebel Labour MPs have called a "truce" in their battle to oust Gordon Brown because they fear a voter backlash if they undermine him during the global financial crisis. The tactical retreat by his critics is a boost for the Prime Minister on the eve of Labour’s annual conference in Manchester starting today." – Independent

Keith Vaz faces sleaze inquiry after intervening on behalf of party donorDaily Mail

Gove_michael_red_tie Michael Gove prepared to scrap new Government diplomasBBC

Scotland proposes radical anti-alcohol measures

"Scotland, which led the UK in its ban on smoking in public spaces, is poised to pioneer measures aimed at curbing alcohol abuse. The devolved Scottish government has proposed a raft of radical steps – including setting a minimum price for alcohol, restricting sales of drink from off-licences to those aged at least 21 and forcing supermarkets to create separate check-outs for alcohol." – FT

"’What works’ is what all politicians, from Left to Right, believe in."

Their fashionable pragmatism should worry you – Matthew Parris in The Times

Reflecting on Neil Kinnock’s political lifeWestern Mail


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