12.45pm Andrew Lilico on CentreRight wonders if it’s nearly bedtime for Brown

ToryDiary: Sharing the proceeds of growth pain

Local government: Watch out… You might be hit by a falling gravestone!

Dan Hamilton CentreRight: What Hizb ut-Tahrir is saying about David Cameron

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‘Tory plan for ‘biggest education expansion in generations”

Michael Gove, returned from a factfinding visit to Sweden to see its supply-side revolution in education, talks to The Telegraph about the possibility of 3,000 new schools under a Conservative government.

‘A’ levels may be abandoned, says Ed Balls – Telegraph

Goldie calls for ‘bread and butter politics’ from ToriesHerald

Advice for Labour

"The Left must embrace progress and winners, not the workshy and the weak" – Matthew Parris in The Times

"As for the Conservatives’ new clothes as "progressives", where is the Labour ridicule and mockery?" – Polly Toynbee in The Guardian

Nick Clegg’s promise to cut spending and taxes (except for ‘the rich’)

"In an interview to mark the start of the Lib Dem conference in Bournemouth today, Clegg highlights middle class resentment to justify his pledge to cut state spending by £20bn and to impose the biggest tax rise on the rich ever proposed by his party. These would fund Lib Dem policies to improve health and education – to win back middle class support – and a 4p cut in income tax, to be targeted at lower and middle income tax earners." – Guardian

"His plan, which will horrify the Lib Dems’ corduroy jacket brigade, is to cut £20 billion from public spending and hand most of it back in tax cuts. He wants to scrap the Child Trust Fund, take tax credits away from richer families, scrap ID cards and get rid of the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform. He also proposes to raise £12 billion by taxing capital at the same rate as income, so hedge-fund managers pay more than their cleaners, and forcing top earners to contribute more tax on their pension contributions. “The vast bulk of any money will be handed back in tax cuts,” he tells us." – Times

"Government spending has doubled since Labour came to power, from £300bn to £600bn, and yet inequality has worsened. It’s clear government spending does not, in and of itself, make our country more fair. No wonder, when so much has been wasted, from £2bn spent on IT projects that were cancelled before they were implemented, to the billions spent fighting an illegal war in Iraq. Liberal Democrats will cancel £20bn of failing government programmes and allocate the money to our spending priorities as well as tax cuts." – Nick Clegg writing in The Independent

Vince Cable won’t rule out NHS cuts – Independent

"Not only is there the possibility of a hung Parliament but it is also high time that Labour and the Conservatives felt the heat of a third party boldly proposing what most people in this country want: smaller, simpler, better government." – Telegraph leader

EU flag and anthem revived by MEPsTelegraph

And finally… Jeremy Clarkson on the Kingsnorth verdict

"What interests me about the Greenpeace case is that the legal system now accepts global warming is real, that man is causing it, and that anyone is entitled to smash up anything they like if they feel it will help cool the world down again. I just wish the prosecution had brought the founder of Greenpeace to the stand. He’s called Dr Patrick Moore, and he explained recently that even though the amount of carbon dioxide in the upper atmosphere is rising, global temperatures have been falling since 1998. When asked if he thought man was definitely causing global warming, he said “the answer is a resounding No”. Sadly, for thinking this, he may have to be killed." – The Sun


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