5pm CentreRight: Daniel Hamilton on Rupert Murdoch’s New York Sun endorsing John McCain

4.30pm Local Government: Council tax dodgers mean £746 million in lost revenue

3.30pm ToryDiary: Spending-to-save?

2.15pm International: Canadian Conservatives launch videos with "risk" as key message

Noon Charlie Elphicke on CentreRight: Palin and the Tory class of 2010

10.30am CentreRight: Jill Kirby says Gordon Brown is getting desperate

ToryDiary: Strong policy on immigration could deliver political realignment for Conservatives

RidleygroveRidley Grove on Platform: I wish we weren’t 20% ahead

Matt Sinclair on CentreRight: A question of priorities

PlayPolitical video: Nick Clegg explains his opposition to a windfall tax but calls for regulations that will force energy companies to protect poor

George Osborne launches rethink of Tory economic policy

OsborneleftcanvasMr Osborne said that the "complete economic mess" left by Gordon Brown would "cast a long shadow" over British politics, prompting the Tories to think "very hard" about what they will do in government. He is conducting a review of his own economic plans in the light of the current downturn, stoking speculation that he will shortly announce that the Tories will not be bound by Labour spending plans beyond 2011." – Telegraph | Guardian

> Yesterday’s ConHome exclusive: Tories’ spending pledge will not be repeated

Iain Duncan Smith calls for £500 annual perk for stay-at-home mums

"The former Conservative leader claimed the Government was prioritising paid work over child rearing and ‘sowing the seeds of later unhappiness’. He said: ‘We need to level the financial playing field for parents. ‘The current system pressurises mothers – and it is mostly mothers – into going back to work soon after their children are born."" – Daily Mail

Norman Blackwell’s seven point plan to renew Britain’s broken society – The Times

Boris Johnson creates 50-strong international business advisory councilFT

 David Cameron and Europe

"Twelve months ago, on the eve of the formalisation of the Lisbon Treaty, David Cameron promised: "Today, I will give this cast-iron guarantee: if I become PM, a Conservative government will hold a referendum on any EU treaty that emerges from these negotiations." Since then, he has watered down that commitment, saying that it will apply only if the treaty has not been ratified by all 27 states." – Telegraph leader

Tories and the TUC

"This year the Conservatives have their newly appointed trade union
envoy attending the TUC. Richard Balfe, a former Labour MEP, will be in
cloudy Brighton all week. Few union leaders will want to be seen
talking openly to him, but the more pragmatic ones may decide that they
have not got anything to lose by doing so." – Times

"A million public sector workers plan a new “Winter of Discontent” — piling more pressure on Gordon Brown. Unions last night threatened three months of strikes starting in November — to hit schools, bin collections, benefit offices and Government departments." – The Sun | BBC

‘Labour’s fightback’

"Gordon Brown comes out fighting for his leadership today and declares that his experience of personal adversity has made him the man to lead Britain through troubled economic times." – Times

Gordon Brown takes Cabinet to Birmingham – BBC – and plans ‘policy blitz’ – Independent

"Labour is "two-nil down" to the Conservatives in the race for the next General Election, one of Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s closest allies admitted yesterday. But Schools Secretary Ed Balls insisted there was "still a lot to play for", and – in a message directed at former Cabinet minister Charles Clarke – urged fellow Labour MPs to stick together and "stop jeering at the manager"." – The Herald

A quarter of Scots would be more likely to vote for independence if the Conservatives win powerScotsman

We need a Thinker Royal, not a Poet Laureate – Michael Gove in The Times

"How Lady Thatcher tried to halt the tide of decline in Britain" – A N Wilson in The Daily Mail

Caroline Lucas, the Green Party’s first leader sets out plan to stop energy sector ‘profiteering’Independent

McCain moves ahead in race for White House

Republicans shouldn’t get too excited but McCain is 1% ahead of Obama as the first post-convention polls start appearing.  McCain is on an average 46.7% and Obama on 45.7%.  One Gallup poll for USA Today has McCain-Palin leading by 10%.

"We may snigger at Sarah Palin, but Britain’s patronising political elite could learn a lot from an election where ordinary voters still call the shots" – Janet Daley in The Telegraph

> Tim Montgomerie and David Lidington MP both wrote ‘Where are the Republicans?’ pieces over the weekend.   


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