9.30pm CentreRight updates: Tim Montgomerie on canvasser sues dog owner and Louise Bagshawe on PoliticsHome’s landslide poll

6pm PlayPolitical video: John Prescott says Tories haven’t really changed

5.15pm ToryDiary: Swing to Tories is greatest in Midlands

5.15pm Peter Cuthbertson on CentreRight: The hard left’s Palin shame

3pm Matthew Sinclair on CentreRight: Alistair Darling’s sympathy won’t pay mortgages or feed families

2.15pm Peter Cuthbertson on CentreRight: The economies to regulate most will recover least

Andrewlilicoarguments 12.45pm CentreRight: Andrew Lilico identifies some of the theories and arguments hardest hit by the US government’s response to the credit crunch

Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: Get ready for an autumn 2009 election

12.30pm ToryDiary: Any questions for you?

TwoconservativempsToryDiary: Iain Duncan Smith condemns Met for failing to charge George Michael

MarkfieldMark Field MP on Platform: Ian Blair has led the Met to the brink of disaster

Seats and candidates: Marginal seats data for sale

Kate Davies on Local government blog: How to get more from your local housing association

Two PlayPolitical videos: Brown promises to "do better" and Sarah Palin addresses 60,000 crowd

AmericaInTheWorld: America’s capacity for self-correction has been on show over Guantanamo Bay

The Editor of The Independent pours praise on to David Cameron’s head

Independent "Alton thinks David Cameron is right on a "whole heap of things" but stops short of promising the Tory leader his paper’s full support in a poll. He wants the Indy to live up to its name and stay "nimble". "Cameron [has got] the social values right. It’s a very skilful piece of strategic engineering, showing himself as someone who cares about social issues and social divisions, it shows him as having core values. He is an immensely attractive guy, charming and very smart." He sees the same quality in Tony Blair and Nick Clegg, praising them as "blokes doing the right things"." – Roger Alton quoted in The Guardian

> Last week we analysed The Guardian’s warmth to the Conservatives

Even Sunderland is tempted by Tories – Madeleine Bunting in The Guardian

Brown has until after the European elections to save his leadershipTelegraph

Miliband_david_c4 David Miliband moves to end leader talk – BBC

"In retaining his leadership, Gordon Brown has always had two assets: the Labour Party constitution and the passage of time. It would always have been hard to displace him. Within a few months, it will become impossible: too close to the election. It would be an irony if a failure in prudential lending by some American banks has shored up a failing Labour Leader, to preserve him for a heavy election defeat." – Bruce Anderson in The Independent

"Mr Brown will appeal over the heads of mutinous MPs to activists and voters tomorrow with a highly personal speech to Labour’s conference in Manchester. In revealing more of his background and personality, he hopes to reintroduce himself to the British public, senior allies say." – The Times

Brown to pursue international controls on global money markets and a crackdown on ‘irresponsible’ City bonuses – Guardian

Trevor Kavanagh: Brown was the Northern Rock Chancellor

"The trouble is that, as Chancellor, Gordon ran the economy in much the same way as the bosses of troubled companies such as HBOS and Northern Rock. While preaching “prudence”, he doubled spending and borrowed like there was no tomorrow. He kept billions off the books by using costly and badly negotiated “Private Finance Initiatives” to build hospitals and schools." – The Sun

Police compare Labour ministers to pickpockets

Picture_20 "The Police Federation said its members were under no obligation to participate in photoshoots with MPs at the conference, after the Home Secretary refused to backdate a pay rise to officers last year. In a letter to nearly 8,000 members, Chris Burrows, chairman of the federation’s Greater Manchester branch, said posing for a photo with the Labour leadership was akin to being pictured with a pickpocket." – Sky

Britain heads for £90bn of borrowing

"Taxpayers in Britain face up to 5p in the pound in extra taxes because of the credit crunch created by the banks, leading economists have warned." – Times

SNP claim that an independent Scotland would have saved HBOS

"Alex Salmond has accused the UK government of standing "idly by" while HBOS was taken over by Lloyds TSB. The First Minister also argued he would have pumped in billions of pounds to keep HBOS intact had he been running an independent Scotland." – Scotsman

And finally…

Ed Balls shows off his tackle in some very tight shorts – Daily Mail


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