9pm Ben Rogers on CentreRight: Saudi Arabia’s poisonous ideology

8.30pm ToryDiary: Labour’s economic support measures enjoy support but voters don’t expect them to be significant

5.45pm CentreRight:

Louise Bagshawe on CentreRight: Sarah Palin and the misogyny of the American Left

Local government: Margaret Eaton is favourite to succeed Simon Milton as leader of Local Government Association

10politicaleventsToryDiary: August’s ten biggest political stories

Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight:
Bush’s lonely decision to authorise the surge

Ten arguments for America

Leaked letter from Home Secretary anticipates rising crime as a result of the economic downturn

PlayPolitical video: Leaked Home Office memo warns of more crime, more illegal immigration and more extremism as economy gets worse

"Now we see that the consequences of Gordon Brown’s complete mismanagement of the economy will not just hit hard-working families in the pocket but will also threaten their security and safety. Across the board Labour are failing in their duty to ensure the welfare of the British public." – Dominic Grieve quoted by the BBC

Brown to unveil economic stimulus package

Brownanddarling"Gordon Brown will on Monday unveil a multi-million pound package of measures aimed at reviving the moribund housing market and restoring his authority as premier. More funds are to be made available to local authorities to help people get on to the property ladder, with councils buying repossessed and unsold properties, and offering struggling borrowers financial help in return for a stake in their homes or outright ownership." – FT

"The UK’s economic circumstances are by no means the worst in 60
years. But the same, however, may not be true of the Labour party." – FT leader

"This week’s economic recovery plan looks set to offer, at best,
targeted benefits and, at worst, reckless commitments, rather than the
needed medicine of tax and spending cuts." – Telegraph leader

22 million people receive a rebate of around £60 this month as part of 10p U-turnBBC

OsborneheadshotGeorge Osborne attacks "dysfunctional" Government

"George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, released a statement at 11.30pm on Friday accusing him of having "let the cat out of the bag" about the serious state of the economy. Osborne intensified his attack the following morning when he said that the contrasting language from Brown and Darling showed that the government was "dysfunctional"." – Guardian

"As the Prime Minister begins a fateful week in his political career, he needs to remember, as his predecessor John Major discovered, that nothing destroys public confidence so much as the perception that a government is unable to speak with one voice." – Independent leader

The Conservatives want to encourage GP competition to provide out-of-hours careGP

And finally…

Judi Martin of Aberdeenshire has decided Cameron isn’t fit to lead the country. These are her words in a letter to The Herald: "David Cameron has scuppered his chances of becoming Prime Minister. Anyone – especially as high-profile as he – who hasn’t the presence of mind to check the brakes on their bike after it’s returned having been stolen is not fit to lead the country."


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