6.45pm Andrew Lilico on CentreRight: Investment banks collapsing everywhere! Whatever next?

5.45pm ToryDiary: The Guardian, The Independent and the Conservatives

2pm CentreRight updates:

12.15pm Simon Chapman on CentreRight: Frank Field MP on cowardice in the Cabinet

11.15am International: An embattled party leader – subject to constant speculation – has called a John Major-style ‘put-up-or-shut-up’ election… but it isn’t Gordon Brown, but Australia’s centre right leader

Picture_2110.45am ToryDiary: We won’t ‘seal the deal’ until General Election Day, David Cameron tells CCHQ staff

10.45am Andrew Lilico on CentreRight: Creationism and Sharia Law – the connection

ToryDiary: One LibDem idea that we should adopt

Andrea Leadsom on Platform: Support for early attachment is the single greatest thing we can do to mend our broken society


PlayPolitical video
: Mock sketch of Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton holding joint press conference

Melanie Phillips: The Tories need to get a lot more serious

"The Tories should not take the electorate for granted. People want to know whether the Conservatives will stand up for what matters to them. They are looking for integrity and seriousness. At present, they can’t see these things anywhere.  Across the political spectrum, all they see is spin and repositioning, navelgazing and window-dressing, smoke and mirrors, and the sound of sharpening knives. What they don’t see is any clear, coherent and consistent articulation of what this country needs." – Melanie Phillips in The Daily Mail

IDS teams up with Labour MP to call for big expansion of early intervention programmes

"Iain Duncan Smith, the former Tory leader, and former government Minister Graham Allen are demanding their party leaders support a nationwide extension of Early Intervention programmes which are targeted at improving the life chances of deprived children ranging from newborn to three years old." – Telegraph | BBC

Cameron got paid £20,000 for Cameron and Cameron bookTimes

John Hutton refuses to criticise the Labour rebels

"The business secretary, John Hutton, said he would not dismiss the concerns of those rebels who have written to their party asking for a contest to be triggered. He said: "I’m not going to criticise any of my colleagues who want Labour to do better, and neither am I going to criticise those who say, for example, that we do need to set out a stronger vision of what we are doing."" – Guardian

"Labour plotters desperate for a Cabinet minister to help assassinate Gordon Brown got their wish yesterday. The silver dagger came sheathed in warm words of apparent loyalty. But Downing Street code breakers saw it instantly for what it was — a licence to kill. Business Secretary John Hutton, perhaps Mr Brown’s most scathing Cabinet critic, gave us a master class in weasel words…" – Trevor Kavanagh in The Sun

""The lid of the PLP pressure cooker has been blown off," one former minister said last night. "Now, no one knows what will happen – not even Gordon."" – Independent

William Rees-Mogg would like to see Harriet Harman and Ruth Kelly battle it out for the Labour leadership – Times

Gordon Brown seeks Barack Obama aides to help beat David CameronTelegraph

"The Online lobby: The blog sites transforming our democracy" – Nigel Morris in The Independent

A leader in Saturday’s FT: "By far the most successful UK online campaigners are those annoying
uncles – the activists. With well resourced, widely read and well
written sites, they now wield significant power in their parties,
particularly among the opposition Conservatives. Thus the internet has
weakened party members in the US but has strengthened them in the UK."

Yoga and meditation on the timetable as first state-funded Hindu school opensTimes

Bruce Anderson: It’s not heresy to teach creationismThe Independent

Yesterday on CentreRight, Matthew Sinclair joined The debate on teaching Creationism in schools

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