11.45pm ToryDiary: Another pointless mid-conference season poll

6.45pm Ruth Lea on CentreRight: No more EU financial regulation – please

5.15pm Peter Cuthbertson on CentreRight: Ensuring Brown gets his fair share of the blame

4.15pm Alex Deane on CentreRight: Rowan Williams and Karl Marx and Ruth Kelly and David Miliband

2.15pm AmericaInTheWorld: Notable arguments on terrorism, Russia and Europe

12.15pm Local government: Yesterday’s by-elections

10.15am Matthew Sinclair on CentreRight: Don’t rush through mandatory carbon reporting

Themostimportantspeech ToryDiary:

Ben Rogers on Platform: A year on from the Saffron Revolution, the Burmese junta’s credentials must be challenged

Dominic Fisher on Platform: A guide to Birmingham for Conference-goers

NigelfletcherLocal government: Cllr Nigel Fletcher writes about being in opposition

PlayPolitical video: David Cameron previews the Birmingham Tory Conference

Suli Shah on CentreRight: "All credit to [Paul McCartney] for defying calls from pro-Palestinian groups to boycott Israel."

Today’s must-read: "Del Boy has been more honest down Peckham market than the spiel Brown spewed on Tuesday." – Jon Gaunt in The Sun

Change, Preparedness for Government and Austerity emerge as themes for the Birmingham Party Conference

Obama_barack_sideways_look "David Cameron, the Conservative leader, will unveil a slogan used by Barack Obama as the theme for this year’s party conference which starts on Saturday. The motto, "Plan for Change" has been used by Mr Obama, the Democrat Presidential candidate, over the past few weeks. It underlines the growing confidence in the Tory party that they will win the next election and that planning for Government is now the top priority." – Telegraph

We’re better prepared than Labour in 1997, says David Cameron – The Times | ePolitix

Jeremy Hunt talks to The Independent about tough decisions on tax and spending

David Cameron talks to Sky News

"Mr Cameron said he did not regret letting the cameras film him with his kids Ivan, six, Nancy, four, and two-year-old Elwen. He said: “I am asking British people to trust me, to make me their next Prime Minister, and I think people have a right to have a look at you and who you are. “My family is the biggest thing in my life and that’s why I’ve done what I’ve done." – The Sun

Cameron accuses Brown of misquoting Osborne – Herald

> Watch clips from the interview

44% of Tory voters are voting against Labour

"The Populus pre-conference poll shows that just 56 per cent of Tory supporters say their choice is more a positive vote for the party, while 44 per cent say it is more a vote against the Labour Government." – Peter Riddell in The Times

Who is the greatest Tory hero?

Michael White previews a Guardian debate on the fringe of Tory conference in which David Willetts MP will champion Disraeli; Lord Kenneth Baker, Churchill; John Whittingdale MP, Margaret Thatcher; and Michael Gove will advocate Edmund Burke.

Vaizeytelegraphtv Ed Vaizey for Environment? Edward Garnier for the Attorney General post?

Iain Dale speculates on Cameron’s reshuffle options – The Telegraph | Discuss on Iain’s blog

‘The Conservatives broke Britain’s society’

"Britain’s poverty, poor health and low life expectancy are concentrated in those parts of the country whose means of economic existence were destroyed by the 1979-97 Conservative governments, demoralising whole regions, destroying social institutions and breaking up families. The growing economic divide that the Tories now complain about is between the victors and victims of 18 years of Thatcherism." – Playwright David Edgar in The Guardian

Red faces at LibDem HQ

Cleggdeclaring "Nick Clegg’s 250,000 automatic "cold calls" to voters after his party conference speech broke privacy laws, the information commissioner has ruled." – Independent | BBC

Embattled troops should get a written pledge of fair treatment, recommends Ming Campbell – Times

Sarah Brown meets Sarah Palin at dinner to promote better childbirth care in developing countriesBBC

Neil Midgley welcomes making the BBC fight for the licence feeTelegraph

And finally… ‘Three legs Sarkozy’

"Paris Match journalists are up in arms over a photo in the glossy weekly featuring President Nicolas Sarkozy of France sporting a ‘third leg’" as he stands next to the Pope, due to a hastily touched up photoshop edit." – Telegraph


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