Midnight ToryDiary: LibDems get Conference bounce

5.15pm CentreRight:

3.45pm ToryDiary: This’ll be first Party Conference since 1987 when the Tories really are on top

2.30pm ToryDiary: LabourHome, ConHome and grassroots surveys

1pm Greg Hands on CentreRight: Cameron and Osborne are right to oppose knee-jerk new regulations on banks

PlayPolitical: Tony Blair interviewed by the Daily Show’s John Stewart

11.30am Ruth Lea on CentreRight: Problems in financial markets today could be reflected in energy markets in the future

10.45am Julia Manning on CentreRight: Our money might be safe(r), but are we?

Cameronmajorcabinet ToryDiary: Could Michael Howard and other Major-era ministers join Ken Clarke in Cameron’s first Cabinet?

Local government: Liverpool watch

Two PlayPolitical videos:

Today’s must-read article: More regulation may only do more harm

"Tripartite regulation between the Treasury, the Bank of England and the Financial Services Authority was a work of genius – until someone rediscovered the old truth that when you have three people in charge of something no one is really in charge. Again this is not lack of regulation. It is the wrong sort of regulation, misdirected, incoherent and in some respects, excessive." – Gerard Baker in The Times

…Simon Heffer offers some unqualified praise for David Cameron, the father

Cameron_ivan_2 "One thing that even his sternest critic has to concede to him is that he is a superb father to his disabled child, and that is quite clearly evoked by Mr Jones. There has been a debate about whether Mr Cameron exploits this personal tragedy for political gain. Those who do not have to cope with such a difficulty in their lives should perhaps hold off: different people will have different ways of dealing with this sort of thing, and it is the one aspect of Mr Cameron’s personality that emerges from this book as unequivocally admirable." – Simon Heffer in the New Statesman

Luntz focus group dials down Tory message on tax

"When Cameron talked about how the Tories can’t promise tax cuts the panel dialled him down, when Clegg talked about tax cuts they almost unanimously dialled him up." – James Forsyth, The Spectator blog

Within this Guardian blog, even Peter Tatchell calls for higher income tax thresholds.

Stuart Wheeler demands "massive renegotiation of our whole relationship with the EU"

"Tories should tell their MP, MEP or candidate that, unless two pledges are in the manifesto your support in the European elections will not go to the Tories and may well go elsewhere. Pledge one: a promise, with no weasel words, that if Lisbon is not law when they come to power, they will hold a referendum on whether to withdraw our ratification. Pledge two: a promise that if Lisbon is law when they come to power, there will be an immediate, massive renegotiation of our whole relationship with the EU, to be followed by a referendum on whether to accept the result." – Stuart Wheeler in The Independent

Garnier_edward Edward Garnier MP slams "indefinite" continuation of early release prison scheme

"More than 215,000 prisoners are to be freed from jail early in the next seven years, according to projections of the prison population published yesterday." – Times

Boris Johnson waved the Paralympics flag last night at a spectacular closing ceremony in ChinaThe Sun

54% of LabourHome readers want Brown outIndependent

"Labour MP Alan Simpson predicted the party conference next week would be Mr Brown’s last as leader. ‘Gordon is like a Damien Hirst sheep,’ he said. ‘Trapped in formaldehyde, he lacks the qualities needed for a bold leap that would free him from his own goo.’" – Daily Mail

The TaxPayers’ Alliance launch The Brown Calculator

Tpacalculator Click here to see Brown get all of his sums wrong.

Harry de Quetteville on how the German election campaign is already underwayTelegraph

One of the most experienced bomb disposal experts in the British Army has been killed serving in AfghanistanTelegraph

And finally…

Nervous people ‘are likely to be right-wing’ – Independent


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