6.30pm CentreRight: Andrew Lilico responds to comments on creationism in schools

5pm ConservativeInternational: New Zealand General Election will be on 8th November

4.45pm ToryDiary: Jonathan Isaby’s day as Sarah Palin’s number one fan

4pm PlayPolitical videos:

2.45pm CentreRight: Jim McConalogue on Gordon Brown’s energy package

1.30pm CentreRight updates:

1pm ToryDiary: Neil O’Brien is new Director of Policy Exchange

11.30am Julia Manning on CentreRight: GB’s successes in the paralympics are inspirational

ToryDiary: Does Cameron have a ‘lightweight problem’?

Nick de Bois on Platform: Union members should be able to give their polical levy to the Tories or the TaxPayers’ Alliance

Seats and candidates: Boost for Guto Bebb in battle for Aberconwy

Damon Two Sarah Palin videos:

Today’s must-read: "The West is ditching its faith in free markets and private enterprise" – Anatole Kaletsy in The Times

The task for Cameron in Birmingham

"The times demand a speech that captures the country’s sense of disillusionment and explains what a Conservative alternative, particularly on the economy, involves. Voters are in a foul mood, and they want to hear that help is on the way." – Iain Martin in The Telegraph

How can Tories woo the unions?

"There is no silver bullet, no single headline policy with which the Conservatives can lure union members. Instead, party insiders point to David Cameron’s "General Wellbeing" speech, which laid out an approach to policy which trade unionists could identify with. Cameron talked about rewarding hard work, childcare and the fact that having the right work-life balance was just as important as money." – Iain Dale in The Telegraph

Scottish Tories offer £150 council tax cutScotsman | Herald | Yesterday’s ToryDiary

David Cameron appears on international cover of Time magazineDaily Mail | Time

Parkinson and Tebbit question Carol Thatcher’s book on her mother’s forgetfulness
Daily Mail

> "Thatcher to meet with Brown on nostalgic return to Chequers"

All the parties now claim to be progressives – Steve Richards in The Independent

How did Labour become the party of the establishment? – Jon Cruddas MP in The Independent

Frank Field attacks Labour’s energy deal as a "mouse of a proposal"FT

George Carey warns of immigration leading to violence

"Lord Carey, who was head of the Anglican Communion between 1991 and 2002, said there was "deep distress" among members of the public about the large numbers of people moving to the country. He claimed this could turn to anger and even violence if the problems are not addressed, and added that the "unprecedented" scale of people arriving from different faiths and cultures could change what it means to be British." – Telegraph

‘Who speaks for Britain’s rednecks?’

"Liberal Britons who skip the Sun and the Daily Mail rarely encounter it, or indeed rednecks themselves, unless they meet at motorway service stations or on budget air flights. They are as distant from each other, intellectually, as are the denizens of New York and the Ozarks. It isn’t only the rednecks who ought to worry about the consequences of this. These include the stark decline in turnout at general elections—concentrated at the bottom of the social scale—and the creeping rise, in some places, of the far-right British National Party." – The Economist


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