9.30pm PlayPolitical: Al Gore’s (very big) new boat

9.15pm Martin Parsons on CentreRight: The government needs to free the fire service from its health and safety straitjacket

7.30pm: John Whittingdale MP has left a comment on the ‘Batman thread’ defending the BBFC’s choice of 12A classification.

11.30am Peter Cuthbertson on CentreRight comments on the campaign to encourage children to record ‘climate crimes’ of their parents

10.45am ToryDiary: Would you like to sponsor four Tory MPs as they cycle 120 miles to Party Conference?

10.30am Local government: Councils could tighten classification of Batman movie says Ed Vaizey

10.15am Andrew Lilico on CentreRight: Financial Services Regulation: the death of traditional English commercial law

9.45am PlayPolitical comedy: Paris Hilton launches her bid for the White Pink House

ToryDiary: Tories maintain summer heat on Labour by exposing Britain’s vermin-infested hospitals

J P Floru on Platform: Prime Minister Miliband and the end of the UK

Equation Equals Probably the best parliamentary question ever! Chris Heaton-Harris MEP asks the European Commission about the Lisbon Treaty.

Dan Hamilton on CentreRight: Kim Jong-Il is a funny guy

PlayPolitical: McCain presents himself as "The original maverick"

Des Browne denies Basra deal with Iranian-backed militia

"The defence secretary has said reports British soldiers delayed helping Iraqi troops in Basra because of a deal with militiamen were "simply not true"."  – BBC

"It is clear that any deal dependent on a militia as unscrupulous as that controlled by Moqtada al-Sadr was likely to unravel. There were too many fighters driven by criminal motives to allow any hope that the accommodation would encourage al-Mahdi Army back into the political process or isolate the extremists. Instead British troops became party to a clique terrorising the city – a fact resented by its residents and by the Iraqi Government." – Times leader

> Yesterday’s ToryDiary: Liam Fox condemns "outrageous" nature of alleged pact between British forces and Basra criminals

Ex-Tory candidate faces jail for harassing Lib Dem rivalsTelegraph

> Yesterday’s Seats and candidates thread on Ian Oakley’s guilty plea

Tory candidate: Pensioners should be paid to help keep streets tidy

"A Tory candidate for the next election believes the elderly should be encouraged to help sweep the streets, so that they can earn extra cash. Gordon Henderson, who will fight the Sittingbourne and Sheppey seat, made the controversial suggestion as he helped dispose old furniture and household junk in Sheerness. Mr Henderson who wants to see cleaner, well cared for streets, is set to be bombarded with letters after saying: “I am sure there are pensioners out there who would be delighted to earn a few extra quid and at the same time keep their street clean and tidy." – KentNews

Francis Maude g
ives Rwanda two weeks of Tory administrationThe Times

> Read reports from Rwanda by Robert Halfon and Andrew Mitchell MP.

"The Conservatives are being evasive about their funding plans for the arts" – Dominic Cooke in The Guardian

Welsh Tory leader publishes £1,500 expenses claim for bathroomWestern Mail

MPs may be banned from employing children but spouses still acceptableTelegraph | Independent

A Number Ten Miliband would put Milburn in Number ElevenTelegraph

Poll of polls shows Labour at its most unpopular since 1935 – Independent


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