5.30pm AmericaInTheWorld: What do Americans think of Britain?

5pm ToryDiary: Alan Duncan attacks windfall energy tax as "socialist hatred"

4pm PlayPolitical: A video profile of Andrew Lansley MP

9.45am ToryDiary: ‘Cameron on Cameron’ highlights: Foreign policy

PlayPolitical: Hillary Clinton addresses Democrats in Denver

David Eyles on Platform: Why the Magna Carta still matters – the history

Lansley ToryDiary: Lansley: No excuses for obesity, no nannying to combat it

Massive voting reform needed to close fraud loopholes

"Voters may have to take photographic ID to the polling station under Electoral Commission proposals announced today. The system needs urgently to be overhauled to restore voter confidence, protect against fraud and bring it into the 21st century, the Electoral Commission says. It calls on the Government to consider a national register with details of every voter to help to eliminate postal vote fraud." – The Times

Preferential votes give Tories cause to consider poll reform – Peter Riddell in The Times

Energy companies could escape a windfall tax if they do more to help people struggling to pay their fuel billsThe Independent

Immigration to make Britain Europe’s most crowded nation

Forecasts suggest that Britain will overtake Germany within 50 years as the population rises from 60.9 million today to 77 million – The Times

Supersize prisons will not solve jail crisis, watchdog warns

"Government plans to build three ‘Titan’ prisons, each containing 2,500 inmates, have been strongly criticised by jail watchdogs and penal reform groups. The National Council of Independent Monitoring Boards, made up of official "prison visitors" to Britain’s jails, has warned justice ministers that managing the supersize jails will cause "major staff problems"." – The Guardian

CrfMPs reluctant to endorse 180mph fast trainsThe Guardian

Fuel prices drive cars off the roads

The credit crunch and the rising cost of running a car has caused traffic on Britain’s major roads to drop for the first time since congestion was measured – The Independent

Russia: we are ready for a new cold war

Relations with the west plummet as Kremlin recognises breakaway states in Georgia – The Guardian


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