5.30pm PlayPolitical video: ‘Today we are all Georgians’ says John McCain

4pm Andrew Lilico on CentreRight: Bank of England says recession all but certain

2.15pm Jim McConalogue on CentreRight: My hero of the week, David Cameron

12.45pm ToryDiary: ‘David Cameron’s favourite think tank’

10.15am CF Diary: Michael Rock gives interviews ahead of "radical" reforms of CF

9.45am CentreRight updates:

9.15am Seats and candidates: Scottish Labour MP John MacDougall has died after a long illness

ToryDiary: Vote now in the ConservativeHome survey

Matt Wright on Platform: It’s time to cap the interest rates charged by doorstep lenders

Local government: People who live alone face surveillance from council tax inspectors

Today’s must-read

"If you want to understand what the Liberal Democrats are up to, look outside London. Over the past fortnight several local papers have published almost identical stories in which the Lib Dems say that they are shifting resources to target Labour seats in their area. Nick Clegg is quoted as saying that if only x voters shift from Labour to the Lib Dems (usually less than 10 per cent), they will win Swansea West, Derby North, Hull North, Norwich South, Liverpool Wavertree, Warrington South, City of Durham, Blaydon, Newcastle North etc." – Peter Riddell in The Times

Lib Dems ‘set for election gains’ says Chris Huhne – ePolitix

Tories distance themselves from Policy Exchange report on northern cities

"A Tory push to win back seats in the north of England suffers a blow today with the party’s favourite thinktank declaring that key cities, such as Liverpool and Sunderland, have "failed" and people should be paid to move south… Chris Grayling, the shadow minister for Liverpool, said: "This independent report does not reflect Conservative party policy and we do not agree with its conclusions. We wholeheartedly support the regeneration of northern cities." – The Guardian

"The call from Policy Exchange will be a huge embarrassment to the Tory leader as he heads to north-west England today to campaign in marginal seats. Policy Exchange was founded by Michael Gove, the Tory education spokesman. Its policy director is Anthony Browne who is about to begin working for Boris Johnson and is tipped for a role at No 10 if the Tories win the next election." – Independent

"The report said: ‘We cannot, with the best will in the world move Deutsche Bank to Sunderland. ‘We may wish it otherwise, but we know that it will not happen." – Daily Mail

"What happens in Georgia directly affects us" – David Cameron writing in The Telegraph

The FT believes that we have seen a glimpse of how David Cameron will conduct foreign policy: "The insight into how Mr Cameron might approach an international crisis as prime minister gave a glimpse of a robust potential partnership with John McCain, if the Republican candidate became US president."

"Today’s Tories really are the party for the arts" – Ed Vaizey in The Guardian

David Cameron in the North West

The Tory leader is visiting nine marginal seats in the north west of England over the next three days.  You can register to watch his ‘Cameron Direct’ live events by clicking here.  He is in Barrow in Furness tonight and Wallasey tomorrow.

Former government drugs adviser calls for full decriminalisationBBC

David Hare’s satire crucifies New LabourGuardian

Labour agrees a deal with its lendersThe Times | FT

Union-backed Iain Gray likely to be next Scottish Labour leaderScotsman

Expenses transparency produces heat for Welsh AMs

"Assembly Members have filed expense claims for coat hangers, surround-sound televisions and the redirection of mail, it was disclosed yesterday." – Western Mail

Hillary Clinton’s failed strategy inspired by Margaret Thatcher

""We are more Thatcher than anyone else – top of the university, a high achiever throughout life, a lawyer who could absorb and analyse problems," Mark Penn wrote to the former First Lady in a "launch strategy" document in December 2006. The Democratic candidate, he argued, had to show the kind of decisiveness the former British prime minister had shown when she was first elected in 1979 – "her mantra was opportunity, renewal, strength and choice" – and avoid the temptation to try to be loved." – Toby Harnden in The Telegraph

And finally…

The Telegraph has a good photograph of David Cameron gesticulating next to a portrait of Winston Churchill.


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