10pm Jesse Norman on CentreRight: Britain under Labour

5.45pm Peter Cuthbertson on Centre Right: ‘Credit crunch’ divorces suggest fiscal incentives for marriage may work

5pm ToryDiary: Liam Fox condemns "outrageous" nature of alleged pact between British forces and Basra criminals

4.45pm Conor Burns on CentreRight has had enough of Harriet Harman playing politics with a state funeral for Margaret Thatcher

2.30pm Peter Cuthbertson on CentreRight: A few things you may not know about Google

Noon Seats and candidates: Watford’s ex-Tory candidate pleads guilty to charges of criminal damage and harassment

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11am ConservativeInternational: Liberals hope that their recovery will begin in Western Australia

ToryDiary: The Cameron-Osborne rock

Harry Phibbs on CentreRight: Nick Gibb’s plans for our schools

PlayPolitical: The House of Lords raises new questions about Government’s plans for 42 days of pre-charge detention

Yesterday’s speech by Michael Gove on ‘Relational Conservatism’

Gove_michael"Yesterday’s speech by shadow children’s secretary Michael Gove to a Left-wing think-tank marked another significant milestone in Tory social thinking.  At its heart is a challenge to Labour’s belief in an all-powerful state that controls everything, right down to the way parents raise and educate their children.  Instead, Mr Gove sets out the core Tory belief that families create a stronger society than anything achieved by state control, that they know what is best for themselves and their children, and should have more say over their own destiny." – Daily Mail leader

"If the Government’s political antennas have broken down, the Conservatives’ seem to be operating with an impressive acuity. Yesterday’s speech to the Institute for Public Policy Research by Michael Gove, the Conservative schools spokesman, was another piece of shrewd political positioning from the Tories." – Independent leader

Michael White, in The Guardian, says Tory plans to devolve power will only widen inequality: "In a country where everyone wants to devolve power, in health as well as education, so long as it doesn’t lead to varying postcode results, greater freedom could also widen the educational divide."

Lads’ mags don’t cause family breakdown – James Brown in The Times

> Yesterday’s ToryDiary chose some highlights from Michael Gove’s speech

Lord Tebbit questions Michael Gove’s support for gay adoption

"’I disagree with Michael Gove on this. Every statistic shows that children grow up more likely to do well in school, stay out of trouble, and have a happier life if they have both a male and female role model.’ He added: ‘Too often we look at these things from the point of view of the adult rather than the child. I think that adoption by homosexual couples is unsatisfactory for the child. What homosexual people choose to do under their duvets is up to them, but the example they set to children is of interest to society as a whole." – The former Tory Chairman quoted in the Daily Mail

> This is not the first time that Lord Tebbit has ‘mugged’ Michael Gove

Gove applauds John Lewis model of executive pay

"John Lewis was held up as an exemplar of good practice on executive rewards on Monday. The company, run as a partnership, awards the same percentage of salary as an annual bonus to all staff, whether the chairman or a shop floor worker. No other bonuses are given to executives, in a model that Mr Gove said was designed to keep “relationships between those at the top and the bottom of their organisations healthy and respectful”." – FT

The "nudge" theory that is exciting the Tories doesn’t impress James HarkinThe Guardian

"The libertarian paternalists have made useful advances in policy. They are evidence-based, pragmatic and in favour of choice in public services. It would be excellent if politicians absorbed those principles, but they should not confuse nudging for a coherent political philosophy. Government action, regulation or doing nothing are still the weapons of choice for most issues." – FT leader

The importance of adult education

Hayes_john"The National Institute of Adult and Continuing Education reports that 1.4m adult education places have been lost since 2005. Adult and community learning matters to our economic future, just as it matters because of the difference it makes to the quality of people’s lives. In 1943, Rab Butler’s white paper on educational reconstruction – which led to the landmark 1944 Education Act – stressed the role that education plays in building a cohesive democratic citizenship. We should be no less ambitious now than we were then, so we intend to establish a new adult and community learning fund, with an investment of £100m every year." – John Hayes MP writing in The Guardian

Speeding fines up by 400% under Labour

Ruffley_davidReaction from David Ruffley MP, quoted in The Telegraph: "Coupled with an increase in the basic speeding fine, this means speeding tickets are now raising over £100 million a year for the Government. ‘Ministers need to tell us what they are doing with this £100 million a year taken from motorists. How much is actually put back into practical road safety that does not involve speed cameras? Ministers’ failure to answer that question confirms the view that for this Government the British motorist is "a nice little earner".

Iain Duncan Smith complains at low age classification for new Batman film – Letter to The Times

Temporary scrapping of stamp duty is likely component of Government’s economic recovery packageThe Sun

Department of Health orders use of "overweight" not "obese" to describe childrenTimes

Lords Constitution Committee questions Government’s "muddled" legislation on 42 daysBBC

The Sun loves CCTV:
CCTV cameras are condemned as part of the “surveillance society”. But without them, two thugs who savagely kicked and punched a train passenger may have gone free. The “prolonged and vicious attack” was captured on film and provided the evidence to jail them. CCTV is the greatest modern boon to crime detection and prevention. We need more of them, not fewer." (The Sun Says)

Brown imitates Tories yet again with Cabinet meeting outside of LondonBBC

Prescott blunders by comparing Brown to Captain of TitanicTelegraph

And finally… Sport

Special report from the annual Carlton Club V Tories cricket fixture held on Saturday: "The Conservative Party team – featuring CCHQ staffers from the Press Office, Communications, the IT Department and Conservatives Abroad as well as Parliamentary researchers and members of Conservative Future – batted first and posted 155 in this thirty-over match. The Carlton Club could only manage 122/9 in response, so it was a relatively comfortable victory for Captain Mike Rutt (Conservatives Abroad).  Two significant factors contributed to the Conservatives’ win. Firstly, the superb five wicket haul taken by Tom Driver from the CCHQ IT Department and secondly, the fact that the Carlton Club held their annual cricket social dinner the night before the game so most of them weren’t exactly in the best condition for playing on Saturday morning (apparently very few got to bed before 8am)!  As ever, it was a really fun day, complete with barbeque and bar, and the game was played in a great spirit. We are looking forward to next year’s game but in the meantime there are a number of games scheduled for this summer against lobbyists and journalists. We are always on the lookout for new talent – any party activists or employees interested in playing should get in touch with"


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