5.15pm Eveleigh Moore-Dutton on Platform: Roads to ruin

4.45pm ToryDiary: ‘Cameron on Cameron’ highlights: Colleagues and opponents

4pm CentreRight:

ToryDiary: Two Tory MPs join call for "appropriate" sex education for five year-olds

AmericaInTheWorld: A President popular in Europe may not be the most effective Commander-in-Chief

PlayPolitical: ITN report suggests that Brown has been proved weak because he has kept David Miliband in his Cabinet and Michelle Obama’s speech to Democrats in Denver

Britishness Andrew Lilico on CentreRight: "In my view, Britain is not about race or culture.  Instead, Britain is a political entity.  It is a particular constitutional arrangement.  To be "British" is to have a constitutional arrangement in the spirit of ours.  So, to be British is to respect and enact freedom of speech, constitutional monarchy, private property, the rule of law, ordered liberty, due process for the accused, the presumption of innocence, the strict burden of proof falling on the state as accuser or taxer, parliamentary democracy including crucially unelected elements as checks and balances, toleration of non-conformists, a state church that has few special favours, a constitution that evolves organically and in which tradition and precedent are vital, and many related constitutional norms and conventions."

Andrew Lansley: Labour has created a ‘timebomb generation’ of teenagers hooked on casual sex, drugs and binge-drinkingDaily Mail

David Cameron has compared Russia’s military intervention in Georgia with the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968Telegraph

The full article – Russia cannot limit its neighbours’ liberty – by David Cameron and Czech PM Mirek Topolánek

Don’t isolate Russia says David Davies MP – Western Mail

China is changing, but the walls against the West are still there – Boris Johnson in The Telegraph

IoD warns that the Tories are ducking the big decisions

"The government’s perceived failure to address such business concerns should create opportunities for David Cameron to position the Conservatives once more as the party for business. But the IoD, with other employers’ bodies, is concerned by the opposition leader’s ambivalent position on potentially unpopular infrastructure projects, such as Heathrow’s third runway." – FT

Barack Obama = Tony Blair = David Cameron

Tony_blair "In America, Tony Blair would be elected by a landslide. He’s the one British politician they all know and they still love him.  He and Obama — and Dave Cameron — are soulmates with their glib platitudes.  Look at Blair’s ludicrous Labour conference soundbite: “We are the change-makers.”  Look at Obama’s favourite catchphrase: “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”  Look at a Dave Cameron favourite slogan: “It’s time for change.”  What does any of this piffle mean in hard terms to people having their houses repossessed, their jobs axed and their power cut off?" – Fergus Shanahan in The Sun

Louise Bagshawe: ‘Women can have it all – I won’t hear any defeatist talk!’Telegraph

A majority of Britons blame Labour for nation’s economic difficultiesFT

Brown asks Sir Alex Ferguson to lead all-British football team at 2012 OlympicsSky

66357 "The Young European Federalists said in an open letter to athletes from the 27 member states, that if they became Team EU they would have a higher medal tally than USA, China or Russia. But Tory Europe minister, Mark Francois, said: “It is frankly bonkers.” And he questioned why the 25,000-strong YEF was given EU cash for “nutty ideas”." – The Sun

Jeremy Hunt plans lottery cash boost for sportTelegraph

And finally…

"The headquarters of the government department responsible for slashing buildings’ carbon emissions has emerged as among the least energy-efficient." – Guardian


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