10.45pm CentreRight: Ben Rogers notes that even under the Olympic spotlight, Chinese repression continues

2.15pm AmericaInTheWorld: AITW/PHI5000 poll indicates Barack Obama’s popularity in Europe would struggle to outlast the decisions that face the next President

11.30am ToryDiary: Tim Parker resigns as Boris’ First Deputy Mayor

11pm CentreRight: Jeremy Hunt bids farewell to Beijing

9.30am ToryDiary: Alan Duncan attacks the "vulgar and pointless" protest of Parliament Square

ToryDiary: George Osborne drives Tory tanks up to Gordon Brown’s front door

WebcameronPlayPolitical: Our choice of the best WebCameron videos

Tories 15% ahead in latest ICM/ Guardian surveyToryDiary

Majorjohn John Major gave the 8.10am Today programme interview about the impact of Lottery funding on UK sport‘Listen again’

"Roughly 58 per cent of the contestants we sent to Athens in 2004 were educated at independent schools – schools of a type that educate only seven per cent of the general population; and, in the past three Olympics, the independent sector has walked off with 45 per cent of the medals. Now there will be some who find that a sad fact, a depressing commentary on the relative lack of investment in time and sporting facilities in our schools. But let us look on the bright side. What that statistic tells me is that there is a huge untapped reservoir of potential athletic genius in the maintained sector." – Boris Johnson in The Telegraph

Leon McKinstry makes the same point in The Daily Mail: "Is it any coincidence that most of our Olympic champions were privately educated?"

Industry worries about implications of Tory victory for their contracts on ID cards, power plants and Heathrow

"Projects worth billions of pounds face revision or cancellation if the Conservatives win the next election, analysis by the FT suggests.  Business leaders have called on David Cameron to fill the "huge void" in some policy areas to mitigate the political uncertainty affecting companies in the run-up to the general election." – FT

Binge-drinking is creating Wild West towns

Bingedrinking "Binge drinking is increasingly making Britain’s towns and cities ‘like the Wild West’, David Cameron has warned.  The Tory leader said a culture of excess was ‘taking over our streets’ and he claimed many areas were now ‘uninhabitable’.  ‘I’ve seen some terrible things,’ he said. ‘You have to ask yourself, what is it about our culture that encourages and allows this?  ‘Who has given the green light for people to go and get drunk and get into a fight?’" – Daily Mail | The Sun

Some harsh words for David Cameron in the FT

Stefan Stern: ""Russian armies can’t march into other countries while Russian shoppers carry on marching into Selfridges," said David Cameron at the weekend, after his flying visit to Georgia on Saturday. Not since Tony Blair attacked "the forces of conservatism" in his conference speech of 1999 – blaming them for the death of Martin Luther King and the imprisonment of Nelson Mandela – have ignorance and bad taste been combined to such devastating rhetorical effect. Shame there wasn’t a shrinking glacier for Mr Cameron to visit in Georgia, too. Then the photo-op would have been perfect."

Andrew Mitchell attacks "rudderless" Labour governmentePolitix

Austin Mitchell says Brown is in last chance saloonHerald

"Gordon Brown has led tributes to John MacDougall, the popular Glenrothes MP, who was laid to rest yesterday after a funeral attended by family, friends and leading Scots politicians." – Scotsman

LibDems in the south worry about Nick Clegg’s diversion of resources to north

"Mr Clegg and Lord Rennard, his veteran campaigns strategist, believe the Lib Dems can largely resist the Tory challenge in the 63 seats the party already holds but are unlikely to make many gains from Mr Cameron at the next election.  They believe they can make substantial gains of 30 or more seats from Labour, helping Mr Clegg to double Lib Dem representation at Westminster over the next two elections." – FT

Former Labour Cabinet minister earning £36,000 a year for just three hours of work a weekTelegraph


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