2.45pm PlayPolitical: One minute video clip of David Cameron’s remarks on Russia-Georgia

2.30pm Andrew Lilico on CentreRight rejects the principle of self-determination: "Self-determination has led to a great deal of human misery.  The lot of the post-colonial peoples has typically been far worse than it would have been had good Imperial rule continued – in terms of prosperity, liberty, and indeed democracy.  The doctrine has driven bloody and vicious wars in many places, and continues to do so…"

Noon ToryDiary: David Cameron discusses Georgia and a tour of nine marginal seats during his monthly press conference

ToryDiary: Dominic Grieve to make it easier for police to conduct surveillance

ToryDiary: Could this be the future?

Seats and candidates: Robert McIlveen discusses the City Seats Initiative

PlayPolitical video: George W Bush attacks Russia’s use of military force in Georgia

Boris looks to eco-friendly international airport in Thames estuary

Johnson_boris_head_in_handIn his Telegraph column Boris Johnson discusses what to do about London’s airports: "Gatwick is the eighth most busy airport in the world, and the sheer volume of passengers coming to London airports is a testimony to the attractions of the city and the dynamism of the British economy. But in four years, we are due to welcome the world to the London Olympics, and we need to sort this chaos out now. With Gatwick full to bursting, and with Heathrow’s third runway already bitterly contested – and I bet it never gets built – it is also ever more urgent that we investigate the possibility of a long-term solution, in the form of a new and more eco-friendly international airport at a site in the Thames estuary – of which you will be hearing a lot more in due course."

Boris’ adviser Kit Malthouse first proposed this idea in an article for The Times last November.

Boris Johnson insists that London is not a test-bed for the Tories nationally

“I know that there is a huge appetite for read-across and everybody
wants to see me as the advance guard. London is meant to be the Petri
dish into which Tory central office is introducing the bacillus of
their policies, [but] it’s not like that at all.” – the Mayor of London
quoted in the FT as part of a ‘100 days interview’

> Do you have a question for Boris Johnson?

Mark Prisk MP: Regional Development Agencies spend £24m on overseas offices that compete with each other

"“To have the RDAs competing against each other is wasteful and ineffective,” Mark Prisk, the shadow business minister, told the FT. “It confuses potential investors and reduces the impact UK plc is having in attracting investment. This is yet more public money wasted by Labour.”" – FT

> Ben Farrugia of The TaxPayers’ Alliance: Cut £2bn from small business taxation by abolishing Regional Development Agencies

Tory autumn conference will begin with debate on future of Birmingham led by Andrew Mitchell and David WillettsBirmingham Post

John Kampfner: Has Cameron abandoned sociocentrism?

""Wealth is about so much more than pounds or euros or dollars can ever measure. It’s time we admitted that there’s more to life than money. It’s time we focused not just on GDP, but on GWB – general well being." This was David Cameron, 2006 vintage. His speech to the Google Zeitgeist conference suggested a new set of political and economic priorities… Fast-forward two years, to the verge of a recession and the fears of knife crime, and what do we hear? Society is broken; more prisons should be built; more people should be denied bail. While the Tories are nowhere near the point of Michael Howard’s dog-whistle anti-immigrant pitch of 2005, they are slipping back into their political comfort zone. That is a shame for the country, and a lost opportunity for them." – John Kampfner in The Guardian

Former Labour minister Nick Raynsford attacks ‘frantic’ Government policiesTelegraph

1997’s Welsh devolution question would be illegal now: "The question posed at the 1997 referendum which narrowly paved the way for the National Assembly would have been unlawful if asked today, according to a former Electoral Commissioner for Wales." (Western Mail)

John Lloyd urges politicians to read Philip Bobbitt’s Terror and Consent: "What can negotiators offer as a “process” to Osama bin Laden and his media-savvy aide, Ayman al-Zawahiri, whose passionate project is a supra-national caliphate in which only their reading of the will of Allah prevails? The answer offered insistently in Prof Bobbitt’s book is that this passion is real and endlessly self-sacrificing. It is also as passionately held as the beliefs of those who died trying to construct communism or preserve Nazism." (Review in the FT).


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