6.15pm ToryDiary: ‘Cameron on Cameron’ highlights: Public services and the environment

6pm CentreRight: Matthew Sinclair responds to posts on the TPA’s green taxes report

5.30pm PlayPolitical: Campaign ad questions Barack Obama’s experience

5.15pm Seats and candidates: Scottish Tories select Maurice Golden for Glenrothes by-election

5pm PlayPolitical videos: The speeches by Bill Clinton and Joe Biden to the Democrats in Denver

4pm CentreRight updates:

12.45pm Peter Cuthbertson on CentreRight: Trying to get innocent people jailed should be an imprisonable offence

Matthew Sinclair on CentreRight: We’re already paying too much green tax

ToryDiary: Cameron’s approach on Georgia a general indicator on foreign policy

Peter Bone MP on Platform welcomes NICE’s U-turn on allowing wet eye treatments on the NHS

Give me fat Tories who believe in freedom, not these nannying ninnies! – Stephen Glover in the Daily Mail

BrownBrown given November deadline to save his job

Cabinet ministers will give Gordon Brown "one last chance" to save his premiership but will try to oust him by November if he fails to improve Labour’s prospects – The Independent

Brown will be ditched, but when? – John Rentoul in The Independent

Livingstone joins Chavez payroll

Former London mayor Ken Livingstone is to work as a consultant for Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez – BBC

Chavezlivingstone"Former London Mayor Ken Livingstone, ousted in May after eight years in office, said he doesn’t rule out running for another term in the future. Livingstone said he doesn’t face term limits, and that he’ll make a decision when the next elections in 2011 are closer, in response to a question during a press conference, broadcast by state television … in Caracas after a meeting with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez." – Bloomberg

Deepening recession may throw Britain into full-year GDP fall

"Britain’s economy is set to shrink over the next year as a deepening recession inflicts the first full-year fall in national income since 1991, a leading forecasting group predicts today." – The Times

"UK house prices have seen an annual double-digit fall for the first time since 1990, according to the latest survey from the Nationwide" – BBC

Almost 1.8 million children – one in seven in Britain – live in households in which no one works, with more than three million families in total unemploymentThe Independent

Eastern Europeans in Britain will fall by two thirds

"The sharp decline in the number of Poles, Czechs and other citizens of new EU states will mean that most immigrants to Britain will come from outside Europe. Migrationwatch, the campaign group that made the prediction, said that the likely change in migration patterns strengthens the case for an annual cap on the number of foreigners allowed to come to the UK." – Telegraph

Cold war tension rises as Putin talks of Black Sea confrontationThe Times


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