4.45pm Peter Cuthbertson on CentreRight: Women’s group no friend to women

3.45pm Jeremy Hunt on CentreRight also challenges Labour claims

3.15pm Alex Deane on CentreRight: Labour has no right to crow about British success at the Olympics

12.45pm Graeme Archer on CentreRight asks if improvements after government spending should be attributed to ‘regression to the mean‘ rather than the extra money

Noon Jim McConalogue on CentreRight: Twice as many voters want Tories, but what about Europe?

10.15am Seats and Candidates: Labour MP for Keighley Ann Cryer to step down at next election

ToryDiary: Boris answers your questions (including promising an end to Red Ken’s celebration of Cuba).

LocalincometaxDerek Brownlee MSP on Platform: The perils of Local Income Tax

AmericaInTheWorld: When it comes to practicalities, British anti-Americanism fades away

Barnet gets £100,000 to experiment with Nudge

"Barnet will next month become the first local council to receive government funds to test "nudge" economics. The Tory-run council has been given £100,000 by the Department for Communities and Local Government to experiment with ways of encouraging people to reduce litter, recycle and lower carbon emissions." – Guardian

Tories rules out sweeping reform of council tax – Yesterday’s FT

77,302 NHS operations were cancelled in the last year for non-clinical reasons, claim ToriesePolitix

Boris for PM?

"Will the man who accepts the Olympic torch in Beijing on Sunday one day be a Tory Prime Minister of Britain?  Apart from David Cameron, he perhaps has a better chance than anyone in his generation." – Stephen Glover in The Mail

The Tories are following the New Labour rulebook of politics – Steve Richards in The Independent

Brown promises autumn economic rescue plan and boasts: ‘We will win next election’

"Gordon Brown brushed aside threats to his leadership last night with a promise of a fightback that will offer hard-pressed families relief from soaring housing, food and fuel prices. He broke a three-week silence to dismiss Labour’s dire poll ratings with a forecast of victory at the next election. Confronted with a Tory prediction that he is now doomed to defeat, Mr Brown said: ‘We are going to go on and win.’" – Daily Mail

Downing Street ‘wastes money’ on anti-Jeremy Clarkson video Telegraph

"Two British MEPs say the partial collapse of the European Parliament’s ceiling in Strasbourg is a good reason to stop the MEPs’ monthly trips there."BBC

Nick Clegg wants UK to be exporter of green energy

"Nick Clegg will today unveil plans to make Britain an exporter of green energy by 2050, as he called for a programme "on the scale of the Apollo moon landings" to transform Britain’s dependence on foreign oil, gas and coal supplies." – Independent


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