10.45pm Conor Burns on CentreRight: Michael Gove’s reaction to the A level results shows that we are ready

6.15pm Martin Parsons on CentreRight: Record breaking exam results – but what is really happening to children and young people’s educational achievement?

12.45pm ToryDiary: Sandy Bruce-Lockhart has died

Noon ToryDiary: Gove highlights north-south gap in A-level results

11am CentreRight updates:

10am Jim McConalogue on CentreRight: Cameron is right on Russia, but EU is left powerless on sovereignty

MajorjohnbigbenToryDiary: John Major is going to be judged a lot more kindly by history than by the press of his time

Seats and candidates: It’s tough in a non-target seat

Anthony Scholefield on Platform: America must start drilling for oil

PlayPolitical videos:

David Cameron disowns Policy Exchange’s "insane" reportFT | BBC video of Cameron

…but Edwina Currie defends the report: "If government efforts to help northern cities since the 1950s had succeeded, then there would be no gap in living standards, or employment, or educational achievement, or health – yet the gaps have persisted and in many cases widened. You hope to live a long life? Try Hampshire, not Hull. You dream of a three-car household? That’s Surrey, not Sunderland. You seek energy, creativity, cutting-edge employment? Head for London, not Liverpool."

Mike Penning: Affordable dental care beyond many families

"Labour’s dental legacy is one of shameful failure. Not only are people now paying more when they see their NHS dentist, but Labour’s botched policies mean that millions of hard-working families have completely lost access to affordable dental care. Labour ministers need to own up to their mistakes, stop dithering and take action now to rectify the mess they’ve got the country into." – Shadow Health Minister Mike Penning quoted in The Telegraph

Peter Ainsworth speaks up for Prince Charles on GM crops

"Charles is voicing concerns which many people share about the potential consequences of believing GM technology will solve the world’s food security problems." – The Tory Environment spokesman quoted in the Daily Mail

The Mail also backs the Prince of Wales in a leader.

Iain Martin: The week that David Cameron became PM-in-waiting

"This week, as he spoke robust words on the Georgian crisis that struck the right note, it felt as though David Cameron had reached a tipping point. In one respect, it was a small matter – opposition leader makes statement on international crisis, some hot air involved – but at least he displayed a sense of purpose.  The Government’s response to the Russian aggression in Georgia has been typical of the return we are making to the genteel management of British decline.  Britain is the fourth largest economy in the world, the second power of consequence in the command structure of Nato, and it was day five in the crisis before the PM appeared in front of a television camera to say anything." – Telegraph

The death of John MacDougall MP

Obituary in The Telegraph.

"Downing Street is likely to wait until after Labour’s conference next month before facing the Scottish National party in Glenrothes. MacDougall, 60, held the seat with a majority of 10,664 at the 2005 general election. But the SNP in effect won the seat in last year’s Scottish parliamentary elections with a majority of 1,166 – although the Holyrood constituency, Central Fife, has a slightly different boundary." – Guardian

Fastest rise in joblessness since 1992Guardian

Philip Hammond gives general economy interview to ePolitix.

David Lammy worries about young men seduced by ‘bling’ and crimeDaily Mail

"All the experts admit that we should legalise drugs" – Julian Critchley in The Independent


Voting closes today.


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