8pm ToryDiary: Conservative members are not as libertarian as blog threads suggest

CentreRight updates:

> Peter Whittle worries about the hatred of gay men being taught in Britain’s mosques
> Andrew Lilico is worried about Alistair Darling’s unparliamentary language

> Charlie Elphicke attacks the Chancellor for talking down the economy

Carl Thomson on Platform: We should not view Saakashvili’s Georgia through rose-tinted glasses

Martin Parsons on CentreRight: Labour council enforces Ramadan on non-Muslims

Non-electoral milestones

Dancona_matthew"Boris’s parading of the flag was an example of what David Cameron calls "non-electoral milestones", a moment when one could sense power draining from one party to the other." – Matthew d’Ancona in The Sunday Telegraph

Winning the battle of ideas

"Just as New Labour did in opposition, a resurgent Conservative party is courting key think tanks to try to win the battle for ideas. As the political landscape changes, is the intellectual momentum now shifting from Left to Right?" – Tim Adams in The Observer

The brains behind the BBC iPlayer offers help to the ConservativesSunday Times

Is Carol Thatcher making money out of her mother’s misfortune?

Thatchertmos2403_468x364 ""On bad days," Carole writes, "She could hardly remember the beginning of a sentence by the time she got to the end." Which raises the more troubling question of whether Ms Thatcher, 55, is milking the Iron Lady’s misfortunes for money. A number of affronted Tory loyalists and media commentators implied this, and Ronald Reagan Jr, son of the US president who shared Mrs Thatcher’s glory days before succumbing to Alzheimer’s, came out of obscurity to complain: "The going into details is in monumentally bad taste and totally unnecessary."" – Sunday Telegraph

In the second part of the serialisation of her book, Carol Thatcher remembers Denis – Mail on Sunday

Carswell_douglas Tory MP Douglas Carswell ‘punished’ for damning army kit The Sunday Times

Europe must stand up to the Russian bully – Sir Malcolm Rifkind in The Sunday Telegraph

Cameron’s bike brakes failMail on Sunday

Gordon Brown’s black ink pen ‘vandalises’ Commons’ Dispatch BoxThe Sunday Telegraph

"Homeowners who lose their jobs could receive more generous state aid to prevent a wave of repossessions."Observer

"Downing Street and the Treasury launched a desperate damage limitation exercise after Alistair Darling declared that Britain was facing “arguably the worst” slump in 60 years." – The Sunday Times

> Watch Alistair Darling say economic crisis is worst for sixty years

The Palin pick

"McCain has dumped a novice in the most brutal political battlefield in the world. It is either a stroke of genius or an act of lunacy. And no one, not even McCain or even Mrs Palin, knows which." – Fraser Nelson in the News of the World


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