5.30pm PlayPolitical video: A double decker bus, Beckham’s golden boots and umbrellas take centre stage as Boris receives the Olympics flag and Another upbeat music video for Barack Obama.

4pm Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: The Hillary factor

3pm Andrew Lilico on CentreRight: The merits of more-than-100% mortgages

GoodokuglyToryDiary: The good, okay and ugly guide to Conservative economic policy and The new UKIP

AmericaInTheWorld: Richard Holbrooke highlights massive transfer of wealth to oil-rich competitor regimes

PlayPolitical: In an interview with Sky News, Gordon Brown insists he’ll still be PM by Christmas and ITN’s one minute report on George Osborne’s marriage plans

More opinion polls: A ComRes poll puts the Tories ahead by 21% and a YouGov poll mentioned in The Observer gives the Tories a 48% to 26% lead. 

Nick Herbert calls for prosecutions over public sector data losses

"’Every time the government has lost data, ministers have promised a crackdown, but nothing has happened and a culture of complacency remains,’ said shadow justice secretary Nick Herbert. ‘It is time to send a clear and unambiguous signal to officials and agents who are entrusted with private data that it is no longer acceptable to take risks over how it is handled. Civil penalties will not do. The regrettable conclusion is that only the threat of a criminal sanction will change mindsets and jolt this government to ensure proper precautions in future.’" – The Shadow Secretary of State for Justice quoted in The Observer

John Rentoul: There’ll come a day when Boris will be a rival to CameronIndependent on Sunday

Observer: Boris moved against Tim Parker after the latter started assuming too much power

"While an overworked Johnson did not initially notice the empire Parker was building, the rival deputies, particularly the experienced Tory councillor Sir Simon Milton, did. ‘I think one or two of them will have said, "Who does he think he is? He seems to think he’s the mayor,"’ said a senior City Hall insider. ‘That will have given Boris a very, very clear signal.’" – Observer

David Mundell says a Tory government would co-operate with Alex Salmond on SNP’s local income tax plansSunday Herald

Labour’s raid on Lotto money must stop – John Major in The Sunday Telegraph

Bruce Anderson: One day Labour will taunt George Osborne on his pledge to overcome povertyThe Sunday Telegraph

Cameron on Michael Howard:
"’Michael has an incredibly clever mind, but sometimes it’s too sharp. Often he will win an argument even when he is wrong, which is just the most frustrating thing.’  He added with feeling: ‘I had several occasions like that.’" – Mail on Sunday’s Black Dog

"Lavish holiday exposes the lie of ‘ordinary’ guy David Cameron"

"’Bucket and spade’ Dave has shown his true ‘blue’ colours by holidaying on a £21,000 a week yacht, surrounded by an armada of seven boats of 74 mates and family and banqueting in the finest restaurants. Sunbathing on a s21,000-a-week yacht, waited on by an army of staff, this is the holiday Tory leader David Cameron would prefer that you didn’t see… It was Mr Cameron’s second holiday within a month, but, unlike the first, he didn’t invite the Press along. Three weeks ago the Tory leader and wife Samantha posed for official pictures as he holidayed with his family on a humble bucket-and-spade beach in Cornwall." – Sunday Mirror

Dylan Jones: David Cameron is not as nice as you think he isThe Sunday Telegraph

Carol Thatcher writes about her mother’s memory problems

"Whereas previously you would never have had to say anything to her
twice, because she’d already filed it away in her formidable memory
bank, Mum started asking the same questions over and over again,
unaware she was doing so. It might be something innocuous – such as
‘What time is my car coming?’ or ‘When am I going to the hairdresser?’
– but the fact she needed to repeat them opened a new and frightening
chapter in our lives." – Carol Thatcher writing about her mother’s
dementia for the Mail on Sunday


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