6pm Seats and candidates: Chris Bustin selected for Dundee East

1pm ConservativeInternational: Australian Liberal leader "impressed" by David Cameron

ToryDiary: Brown turns to scorched earth tactics to reverse 20% poll deficit

Tobias Ellwood MP on Platform: Why we went to Rwanda

In a nutshell, this is how Conservatives will boost Britain’s economy…

"We are consulting on proposals for a Fair Fuel Stabiliser, so that when petrol prices rise, the government uses the extra revenue it gets from North Sea Oil to cut fuel duty. We are campaigning for next year’s planned increases in road tax to be scrapped. We believe we should cut tax rates for companies. We will improve the process of making tax law. And we should look at reforming insolvency law, so that basically sound companies are given time to come up with a rescue plan.  In the longer term, we must strengthen the fundamentals. We need to ensure that Britain lives within its means, by sharing the proceeds of growth between increased public spending and lower taxes. And we need to set ourselves on the path to sustainable growth by giving our businesses the freedom to compete.  Britain needs a clear direction on economic policy. But only an election will deliver the leadership we need." – Philip Hammond in The Observer

Rumours about Darling’s stamp duty plans hurt already fragile housing market – BBC

Tim Yeo accused of conflict-of-interest

Yeo_tim"Tim Yeo used his casting vote as chairman of the all-party Environmental Audit Select Committee to push through a report, published last week, which backed the decision by Alistair Darling, the Chancellor, that new, higher rates of vehicle excise duty (VED) rates should apply to previously-purchased cars… Mr Yeo broke the deadlock by siding with the Labour MPs. He is paid £40,000 a year as non-executive chairman of Eco City Vehicles Plc, a company which plans to market a hybrid car which would qualify for low rates of VED under the new tax regime, due to its low carbon emissions." – The Sunday Telegraph

Melissa Kite: Team Cameron’s trivial targets

"Mr Cameron and his colleagues have managed to pointlessly attack kids’ clothing (too sexy), gangsta rap (too sweary), Jeremy Kyle (too tacky) and of course chocolate oranges (too chocolatey). And they have made a point of not attacking hoodies (too misunderstood), or taxes (too difficult to cut).  They get themselves embroiled in trivia because they dare not promise anything on which they might be held accountable." – Melissa Kite in The Sunday Telegraph

"Scramble for tickets for Tory conference"

"Delegate applications for October’s gathering in Birmingham are up by a third on this stage last year, and corporate clients and influential organisations are scrambling to bag space at a conference that for years many never bothered to attend. And even fringe meetings – on which the year’s hottest ideas are debated – are up by a tenth on last autumn." – The Observer

Boris Johnson terminates Oyster card contract early in bid to save millionsMail on Sunday

Unions and Labour MPs back Johnson-Cruddas dream ticket

The Mail on Sunday reports a "blazing row" between Gordon Brown and Alan Johnson over rumours that the latter was dream ticketing with David Miliband.

Matthew d’Ancona believes that, when David Miliband gets back from holiday, he should resign as Foreign Secretary, prepare his challenge and get on with it – The Sunday Telegraph

David Miliband’s party chief in lobbying deal – The Sunday Times

Fraser Nelson’s weekly column for the News of the World is now online (previously it was in the newspaper only).

"Alex Salmond: The new king of Scotland"

"Here is Salmond, 15 months into running a minority SNP administration (it has just one seat more than Labour) with consistent opinion poll leads and almost universal acclaim. Scots seem to take some pride in the fact Salmond is our "smart arse". The brilliance of his strategy – or is it just serendipity? – is that he is now both the boss, Bute House occupant (but fighting the odds against the parliamentary arithmetic), and an underdog, Westminster irritant." – Profile in the Independent on Sunday

But Scotland on Sunday has a story about the SNP subsidising Islamic friends: "The SNP Government is facing more criticism from Muslim groups after ploughing a further £190,000 into an Islamic group led by one of Alex Salmond’s closest allies. The Scottish Islamic Foundation, headed by SNP parliamentary candidate Osama Saeed, received the cash last week, on top of a £210,000 sum given to the group in March."

Oliver Stone is rushing anti-Bush film into production in time for Presidential electionsThe Sunday Times

And finally…

Ffion Hague’s The Pain and the Privilege: The Women in Lloyd George’s Life trounces Cherie Blair’s memoir in survey of MPs’ summer reading choices – Sunday Telegraph


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