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Matthew Sinclair on CentreRight: The boot on Georgia’s neck

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10.15am Conservative International: Canadian Conservatives end funding for fringe arts groups

Ben Farrugia on Platform: Cut £2bn from small business taxation by abolishing Regional Development Agencies

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Helping the housing market

"As a cameo of how not to handle a crisis, the fiasco over stamp duty takes some beating. If Chancellor Alistair Darling had set out to paralyse the housing market, he couldn’t have done a more effective job." – Mail leader

Grant Shapps calls for suspension of HIPS: "Urgent action is needed to kick start the market. But the Labour Government is dithering – and their spin and speculation over stamp duty is further undermining the market by making buyers wait and see. If Gordon Brown genuinely wanted to help, he would instruct his Ministers to use their powers straight away to suspend Home Information Packs." – The Conservative Housing spokesman, quoted in The Telegraph

Gordon Brown must cut taxes and spending – Telegraph leader

‘You’re too geeky (and too like me)’, Hague tells Miliband

"People want normal politicians and David Miliband is more geeky, more
like me… David Cameron could wear a baseball cap, whereas Miliband
would find it harder to appear normal. I must have a word with him and
give him some advice – don’t try to be normal when you aren’t. As I
never want to be leader of my party again, I don’t have to try to be
normal any more.” – William Hague quoted in The Times

Theresa May questions Government over dithering on Equality Bill

"The Conservatives called on the government to give a “clear message” to business about how it intended to use the state’s £160bn-a-year ($307bn) spending power to tackle discrimination in the private sector. The opposition party’s intervention came after the FT revealed on Friday senior ministers were split over the issue… Theresa May, the shadow equalities minister, said: “The government’s equalities agenda has been beset by delay and indecision and this latest mishap proves that they still can’t agree on even the basics." – FT

The Ian Oakley affair

"When the Ian Oakley scandal first broke, the official Conservative response was that it would be "inappropriate" to comment. But now he has actually pleaded guilty to a three-year sexist vendetta, and still the new, modern, forward-thinking, women-friendly party has failed to come up with even a line. Could we perhaps, future prime minister, hear your views?" – Gill Hornby in The Telegraph

> Watford’s ex-Tory candidate pleads guilty to charges of criminal damage and harassment

Matthew Parris: We cannot give up on targets in the public sector

"Across a wide range of the “delivery” of public services, measurement must always be a messy, sometimes imprecise, often hit-and-miss and occasionally unfair business, but there is no alternative. It is not enough to thumb our noses at unintelligent targeting. When public money is spent it is government’s duty to get value for it. The money is disbursed in measurable amounts. Value must be assessed in the same way." – Matthew Parris in The Times

Lord Coe presses Boris Johnson on London 2012 Legacy planFT

Criminal record checks double in five yearsTelegraph

Anti-gun crime movement – Don’t Trigger – may close after loss of state fundingIndependent

Holyrood could follow Westminster if MPs scrap oath to QueenScotsman

"Why we never rate our leaders: Britons always think politicians are hopeless. And with one or two exceptions, they’re right" – Max Hastings in The Daily Mail

John Edwards admits to dishonesty over affair

"John Edwards, the former Democratic vice-presidential nominee, today admitted having an extramarital affair with a film-maker who worked on his campaign but he denied fathering the woman’s six-month-old child… Edwards’ wife, Elizabeth, was diagnosed with incurable breast cancer in the spring of 2007, after the boyish presidential hopeful began seeing Hunter. Elizabeth’s popularity with female voters helped keep Edwards in contention during this year’s Democratic primary race." – Guardian

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