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6.45pm Peter Franklin on CentreRight defends McCain’s VP pick

9.45am CentreRight: McCain’s huge, unnecessary gamble

Platform: Simon Burns MP reports from the Democratic Convention in Denver

ToryDiary: Boris Johnson unveils climate change strategy for London

George Osborne slams Alistair Darling for British tax exodus

Darlingstorm460x276_2Shadow chancellor George Osborne has accused Alistair Darling of damaging the UK economy as yet another company confirmed it is quitting the country for tax reasons – The Telegraph

Britain is in grip of the worst economic crisis for 60 years, admits Alistair Darling – The Telegraph

Interview with Alistair Darling – The Guardian

Billionaire Tory Party treasurer Michael Spencer faces the prospect of a record divorce payout

The flamboyant City character and close personal friend of David Cameron is separating from his wife Lorraine after 25 years, it emerged yesterday – Daily Mail

Carol Thatcher’s candour goes too far – Andrew Pierce in The Telegraph

Freeze on stamp duty ‘would not kick-start economy’

Calls for home-buyers to benefit from a cut in stamp duty to revive the flagging housing market may be rejected by the Government – The Independent

Recession and the disturbing lesson of history from a Prime Minister in denial

"It should be noted that Labour governments faced an identical choice between prudence and financial profligacy in the financial crises of the Thirties and Seventies  –  and that each time the argument split the party so badly that it did not return to power for a generation" – Peter Oborne in the Daily Mail

OneCouncils are recruiting ‘citizen snoopers’ to report litter louts, dog foulers and people who fail to sort out their rubbish properly

"The ‘environment volunteers’ will also be responsible for encouraging neighbours to cut down on waste. The move comes as local authorities dish out £100 fines to householders who leave out too much rubbish or fail to follow recycling rules." – Daily Mail

Court of Appeal condemns lenient judges

More than 60 judges have imposed “unduly lenient” sentences on offenders convicted of some of the most serious crimes, including terrorists, murderers and rapists – The Times

A judge yesterday said he was afraid to go out at night for fear of violence fuelled by cheap booze – The Sun

Two Britain has failed to stop the US committing "shameful acts" in the treatment of terror suspects, Noam Chomsky claims todayThe Independent

Divorce rate lowest since 1981

The credit crunch is preventing warring couples from divorcing because they cannot afford to separate, experts have claimed – Daily Mail

Thousands of love-struck Brits learn Polish, so they can speak to their immigrant partnersDaily Mail

Review of ‘Cameron on Cameron’

Jones shows us a man who is almost alarmingly adept at revealing not one word more than he wishes – Andrew Gimson in The Telegraph


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