9.45pm CF Diary: The FT magazine profiles ConservativeFuture

Ben Rogers on CentreRight wants McCain to pick Condi Rice as his running mate.

11am Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: Irish Europhiles play the anti-British card

10.30am Peter Whittle on CentreRight: "What is left of the working class has indeed transformed itself into
something it never was, and is now fully living up to the middle class
view of it. The result has been an army of what we might call kidults,
who can be seen in any high street or shopping mall: chubby middle-aged
men in long shorts, baggy slogan-covered tops and trainers, waddling
like huge babies, clasping bottles of water topped with those special
drinking teets."

Rupert Matthews on Platform: Why is the EU so undemocratic?

Robert Halfon submits another blog from Rwanda: Education, education, education

Also on CentreRight, Matt Sinclair salutes US Republicans’ ‘petrol price heroism’

Two PlayPolitical videos:

A reshuffle is just one part of Gordon Brown’s ‘autumn offensive’ – Analysis from Andrew Porter in The Telegraph

"The Foreign Secretary will not be sacked in the next reshuffle and some advisers are urging the Prime Minister to "lock" Mr Miliband into his top team by making him Chancellor of the Exchequer. Alistair Darling, who has endured a torrid year in the post, could swap jobs with him and move to the Foreign Office. One party source said: "If David is so interested in the domestic agenda and attacking the Tories, then this is the perfect job for him."  Mr Brown is also considering creating a post of deputy prime minister with Alan Johnson, the Secretary of State for Health, another potential leadership rival, likely to be given the job." – Independent

"Signs are emerging of a backlash among mainstream Labour MPs against David Miliband’s decision to stake his claim to become leader, amid fears that his move could hasten a general election before the first signs of an economic recovery." – Times

Alan Sugar urges Sun readers to back Gordon Brown.

‘I’m in charge’, Boris tells Ian Blair

"Mr Johnson told The Times
that it was “only right” that the Mayor of London should be able to
hold the Metropolitian Police Commissioner, the country’s most senior
policeman, to account.  “It’s no secret I think there should be an
evolution in favour of democratic accountability between police chiefs
and the directly elected mayor,” he said."

Boris Johnson backs Obama campaignFT | Yesterday’s ToryDiary

"Some Tories think their "real" lead would shrink to 10 points if an election was imminent."

"Beneath the Tories’ confident exterior, there is an intense debate about whether they should declare more of their hand in an attempt to drive a stake through Labour’s heart while the party is on the floor.  Mr Cameron is at the cautious end of the spectrum. Labour allows him to get away with his strategy of allowing the Government to stew in its own juice. He is tempted not to take unnecessary risks. With a poll lead of more than 20 points, you can see why. But there is a recognition in the Tory leadership that it needs to do more to win support for its own agenda, however tempting it might be to cruise to victory on an anti-Labour protest. Some Tories think their "real" lead would shrink to 10 points if an election was imminent." – Andrew Grice in The Independent

Vicki Woods: Miliband is weird, Cameron is pleasant (and will win)

pick politicians (and women, please note, are not a minority of the
electorate) the way they pick lovers. They veer away from the weird,
the creepy, the yucky, the plastic. They hit on the normal, the nice,
the strong. There is nothing weird about David
Cameron. There is plenty to dislike, if you’re a chippy class-warrior
("He’s an Old Etonian!") but rational dislike is not at all the same as
being put off by weirdness. In looks, he’s
perfectly pleasant enough. Height: generous. Body-fat to muscle ratio:
OK and improving. Hair: lush and undyed. Dress: Boden catalogue on
off-days and Hackett enough on business. The ties
are fine. He doesn’t sweat, ooze, grin maniacally or (at odd times)
roll his eyes, sprout nostril-hair or pick his nose in public. His
voice is genial and authoritative. His use of
English is unworrying: he alters his vocabulary when speaking to, say,
a bunch of hoodies, but not his accent. He’s not an actor. He’ll win.
Bring it on, Miliband." – Vicki Woods in The Telegraph

Labour is considering a windfall tax on energy companiesBBC

"The Government has already, with lax fiscal policy, undermined its credibility. Investors and business are unlikely to feel that a windfall tax would indeed be an exceptional measure. It would be seen as simply a tax grab on an industry that happens to be doing well because its profits are highly cyclical. A windfall tax is bad economic management. But more serious for Labour, it is politics of a time that has gone." – Times leader

Matthew Sinclair opposes such a tax over at CentreRight

Harriet Harman says no decision has been taken on state funeral for Lady ThatcherBBC

Schwarzenegger sacks 20,000 and cuts pay for 200,000 in emergency budget overhaul for CaliforniaTelegraph


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