8.15pm ToryDiary: ComRes: Conservatives on 46%

3.30pm PlayPolitical: Republicans release clips of Joseph Biden criticising Obama, praising McCain

2.15pm CentreRight updates:

ToryDiary: Highlights of George Osborne’s interview with The Telegraph

Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: Get ready for the Barack-Biden bounce

ConservativeInternational: Canada set for election

Fiona Hodgson on Platform: The women of Rwanda

ToryDiary: Osborne confirms that he’ll introduce a tax allowance for married couples

Telegraph Marriage benefit

"The statistics are clear: children with married parents perform better in school, are happier and less likely to commit crime. Yet Britain is almost alone in Europe in not recognising marriage in the tax system. Now, at last, the Conservatives are preparing to break the taboos against boosting marriage and against tax cuts. But there are much bolder moves to be taken in both areas." – The Telegraph

Boris Johnson has told the BBC he is "absolutely determined" the 2012 Olympics will cost less than the current £9.3bn budgetBBC

The axing of Tim Parker shows Boris Johnson is determined to be his own person, whatever Central Office thinksThe Independent

Brownlondonmayorbanquet Three suspected terrorists arrested over internet plot to kill Prime MinisterTelegraph

Boom years are over as economy slows to halt

After 16 years, or 63 consecutive quarters, of continuous growth it is likely that Britain is already in recession, City analysts say – The Times

Britain’s top universities discriminating in favour of the poor

"Five out of 20 elite institutions in the UK make lower grade offers to sixth-formers from poor-performing schools and deprived homes. The London School of Economics, Bristol, Nottingham, Newcastle, and Edinburgh all allow staff to choose students with worse grades." – The Telegraph

The private sector could save our schools – Simon Heffer in The Telegraph

Consultants who lost the details of 84,000 prisoners are at the heart of developing the Government’s compulsory identity cards systemThe Independent

UK coal plans ‘threaten global emissions deal’

"The British government will lose its leadership position on climate change and risk scuppering a global deal to cut emissions if it presses ahead with a new generation of coal power stations, say leading US scientists and environmental leaders." – The Guardian

Even today, fighting might with might is often the only solution – John O’Sullivan in The Telegraph

Speak ‘Nudge’: The 10 key phrases from David Cameron’s favourite bookThe Guardian


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