10pm Peter Cuthbertson on CentreRight: This is, again, a Conservative country

7.30pm PlayPolitical: A new video from a Christian group portrays Barack Obama as the family values candidate

1.30pm ToryDiary: David Cameron, in Georgia, warns Russia that it will be held responsible for atrocities carried out in areas it has invaded

ToryDiary: David Cameron explains his support for late term abortions for a ‘disabled foetus’

Jeremy Hunt MP on Platform: The ten questions I’ll be seeking to answer in Beijing

Seats and candidates: Zac Goldsmith spent £90,000 last year in battle to oust Susan Kramer

Cameron set for talks in GeorgiaBBC

The Sun Says
: "When David Cameron arrives in Georgia today he will be the first major British politician to visit the small, democratic country being systematically trashed by the mighty Russian bear. Some will accuse him of being an opportunist. After all, what can he do to help solve the conflict? How many battalions does he command?  But at least the Tory leader is taking a strong stand against increasing Russian belligerence… Where on earth are Gordon Brown and his Foreign Secretary David Miliband?  It was only AFTER the Tory leader had been on the airwaves on Monday that Mr Brown issued a brief statement."

David Cameron becomes first Tory leader to meet TUC leader in ten years

"The Daily Telegraph has learnt that Mr Cameron held a "ground-breaking" meeting with TUC general secretary Brendan Barber last month – the first by a Conservative leader in more than a decade. Mr Barber is also understood to have met with other senior party figures including policy chief Oliver Letwin. A meeting with Iain Duncan Smith, the former party leader who now advises on the poverty agenda, is understood to be planned for the coming weeks. Mr Cameron appointed a "union envoy" – former Labour MEP Richard Balfe – earlier this year to spearhead the secret negotiations. Mr Balfe has met with union officials 60 times since he was appointed on March 19." – Telegraph

> Richard Balfe explained his mission to the unions in March

Gove: We do want more people at university
Daily Mail

"Gove is moving on to Labour territory. In fact, in the interview he is quite explicit about this, depicting the Tories as true Blairites in the field of education. "We are doing lots of the things that Blair tried to deliver. You had a reforming PM who came to the conclusion that what you need is greater diversity and choice in the state system. I share that view."" – Andrew Sparrow in The Guardian

Tories vow bonfire of rural red tapeYorkshire Post

The Tories are being bold in second order areas of policy, they need to be bold on the economy – John O’Sullivan in The Telegraph

Interview with James Graham, screenwriter of Tory

The weakness of sterling

"Sterling has fallen by more than 6 per cent against the dollar since the end of July. It has also fallen against the euro. Against a trade-weighted basket of currencies, the pound is weaker than at any time since Labour took office in 1997." – Times leader

BAA expects radical break-up of its airport empireBBC


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