8.15pm Andrew Lilico on CentreRight: Gove & Nuts: tolerance, acceptance and criticism

6.15pm ToryDiary: Boris approaches his 100th day

5.30pm Dan Hamilton on CentreRight: Obama/ Bayh 2008?

4.15pm PlayPolitical video: Obama ad attacks McCain’s links with ‘big oil’

12.30pm ToryDiary: "One of the most profound, but under-appreciated, changes that David Cameron has brought to Conservative politics is a determination to put the strengthening of relationships at the heart of policy."

Noon Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: Which book would you put in a Tory MP’s summer holiday luggage?

9.30am Suli Shah on CentreRight: The Chinese people could suffer from a successful Olympics

ToryDiary: Michael Gove attacks hedonism of lads’ magazines

ConservativeVault: David Cameron’s first 100 days as Tory leader

Robert Halfon on CentreRight: ‘It was as if Bergen Belsen had come to the hills of Rwanda’

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Two PlayPolitical videos:

Boris encourages Tories to see his Mayoralty as something of a model

"Boris Johnson has urged David Cameron to follow his lead and adopt his social reform agenda for an incoming government, making his administration a model for national Tory policy.  Mr Johnson, the most powerful Conservative in the country, revealed to The Times that he will soon approach Mr Cameron, the party’s leader, with his own blueprint for Britain." – Times

Labour’s VED plans are ‘step in right direction’ says Committee of MPs led by Tim Yeo

"The Environmental Audit Committee’s official report backs the move as a "step in the right direction".  But chairman Tim Yeo said the benefit to the environment would be limited, and called for more ambitious changes." – BBC

"There has not been a significant fiscal measure in either the 2007 or 2008 Budgets that has not had to be reviewed. While the debate rages about the future direction of the Labour Party, the here and now of sound governance is being woefully neglected." – Telegraph leader

> Justine Greening’s case against the VED changes

‘The Tories can’t believe their luck’

"Labour has lost. The Tories have intellectual and political momentum. After 15 years of adversity, they are revelling in it. Every time they find it hard to believe their luck, some senior Labour politician rushes to the airwaves to make them feel luckier still." – Bruce Anderson in The Independent

Tories must get ready for Miliband

"The business of Tory policy being held in top-security lockers on a
need-to-know basis will have to go. Rather than just dropping the
occasional bit of veil and giving us a tantalising glimpse of education
policy or welfare reform, Mr Cameron’s team will have to strip right
down and do a veritable pole dance to win back our attention. Honest,
substantive political debate will come alive – and that is the only
hope for voters who have had enough of what Mr Blair calls "vacuity and
hubris"." – Janet Daley in The Telegraph

Brown has until end of month to save himself, say rebelsThe Independent

Cameron’s ‘top-slicing’ plan for television means pain for the BBC – Raymond Snoddy in The Independent

Oliver Letwin answers questions from Independent readers

Q. "You’re meant to be one of the big brains in the Conservative party. Why don’t we hear more from you?"

A. "I’m mainly sitting in rooms with colleagues getting the hard work of policy formation done. That is quite enough of a job for one person."

Read the full Q&A.

Brown considers a Secretary of State for The Nations

"The prime minister has ordered Cabinet Office officials to draw up plans to wrap up the Scotland job in a new position: secretary of state for nations, taking in Wales and Northern Ireland." – FT

Labour’s £55m furnishing bill

"Government departments have spent more than £55 million on office
furnishings since 2005, according to official figures highlighted today
by the Conservatives.  Over the same period, departments spent £33
million on new vehicles, more than £1 million on artworks and over
£500,000 on pot-plants." – Independent

Tories urge review into pension fund ‘siphoning’FT

Inquiry after taxpayers’ cash used for documentariesGuardian | Dizzy

How the TaxPayers’ Alliance is making headlines
– A special report in The Independent

And finally… Can gym fix it for Brown?

"Premier Gordon Brown has gone into strict training to ensure he is fit to fight off any rivals who challenge for the Labour leadership. The panting PM has secret daily workouts with a £50-an-hour female personal trainer.  Blonde Millie Dobie arrives before breakfast at 57-year-old Mr Brown’s holiday cottage in Suffolk to put him through his paces." – The Sun


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