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4.15pm ToryDiary: ‘Cameron on Cameron’ highlights: The economy and taxation

3pm AmericaInTheWorld: Global governance as an alternative to America

John Webley on Platform: The economic insanity of the government’s renewable energy strategy

Boris_beijing_2 Over to you, Boris

London’s Mayor accepts the challenge to better Beijing – The Independent

Institute of Directors berates Labour and Conservatives on ‘big issues’

"The government’s perceived failure to address such business concerns should create opportunities for David Cameron to position the Conservatives once more as the party for business. But the IoD, with other employers’ bodies, is also concerned by the opposition leader’s ambivalent position on potentially unpopular infrastructure projects, such as Heathrow’s third runway." – FT

On the crucial social issues, Cameron and Co offer emoting instead of substance – Madeleine Bunting in The Guardian

Cameron is wily but he’s beatable – Johann Hari in The Independent

Gordon Brown wants to head off growing demands for a windfall tax on energy companies by increasing the amount they must pay for pollution permitsThe Times

Bring back competitive school sports: BrownThe Guardian

Baronessjayextra_795582f Brown an electoral liability, says former minister

Baroness Jay, a former Leader of the House of Lords under Tony Blair, says that Mr Brown’s "dire" personal standing with voters is hurting his party’s prospects – Daily Telegraph

City academies are to take over primary schools under new government plans based on the Finnish education systemDaily Telegraph

Leap in inquiries on how to sack staff

Employment lawyers and legal helplines are reporting a sharp rise in businesses seeking advice on how to sack staff, suggesting a further surge in redundancies may be on the way – FT

Britain in no danger of ‘sick man of Europe’ relapse – Anatole Kaletsky in The Times

A BBC news girl attacked TV yesterday for failing to show viewers the Taliban’s “humanity"The Sun


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