8pm ToryDiary: Twice as many voters prefer Cameron to Brown as PM

6pm ToryDiary: Peter Cuthbertson is now in charge

12.30pm: Local government: Bob Neill MP questions Labour’s moves to merge 2009’s local and European elections

10.15am Julia Manning on CentreRight: Blaming ‘big pharma’ for expensive drugs is like blaming BMW for making expensive cars

Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: ‘America in the World’ and Peter Cuthbertson

ToryDiary: More than half of the members who voted for David Davis regret their 2005 vote

J P Floru on Platform: Why is it that trade unions are exempt from normal liability laws?

ConservativeInternational: Berlusconi enjoys high ratings but remains hugely controversial

The real hero of Britain’s Olympic triumphs is John Major

Jim White, in The Telegraph, says the former PM’s National Lottery produced the money for sport that has led to gold in Beijing.

> Last week’s ToryDiary:  John Major is going to be judged a lot more kindly by history than by the press of his time

Yvette Cooper launches ‘autumn of attacks’ on Tory economic policy

"Labour today fires the opening salvo in an autumn offensive against the Tories with a warning that "Cameronomics" is designed to hide a "risky and destructive" approach to the economy behind pretty photo opportunities. In a highly personal attack, the treasury chief secretary, Yvette Cooper, declares that David Cameron is distracting the attention of voters while sneaking through the "traditional Tory red meat" of tax cuts." – Guardian

Yvette Cooper’s Guardian article: The Tories don’t add up

Meanwhile Britain teeters on the brink of recession with 300,000 jobs on the line – Times

Electorate turned off by ‘toff bashing’

"The vast majority – 81 per cent – of people think the issue of whether politicians come from privileged backgrounds is not very or not at all important, according to the survey for the website Only one in 20 rated politicians’ background as very important. Even among Mr Brown’s core target of Labour voters, fewer than one in 10 believed that the "poshness" of politicians was very important." – FT

Other things we learn from ‘The Book of Dave’
(The new book Cameron on Cameron, interviews with the Tory leader by Dylan Jones)

"David Cameron has hailed himself as the heir to Maggie Thatcher — and the man to mend broken Britain.  The Tory leader vowed to be as tough as the Iron Lady if he follows in her footsteps to become PM." – The Sun (which imagines how David Cameron might look as Maggie >>)

"His favourite novel is Robert Graves’s Goodbye to All That; his favourite soap is Neighbours when Kylie Minogue was the star, and his favourite sitcom is Porridge. He prefers Little Britain to Alan Partridge, snooker to pool, and bitter to lager. The Old Etonian says he does not accept class labels "because they’re all going". He tells the author he would describe himself as "well off"." – The Guardian

Key quotes from book – BBC

> Yesterday’s ToryDiary: White van man attempted to push Cameron in front of a car

Caroline Spelman denies new sleaze allegationsTelegraph

Brown sends Miliband to Georgia after Cameron’s surprise visitGuardian

David Cameron and John McCain are best suited to defy Russian aggression – Janet Daley in The Telegraph

Brown prepared to sack critics of his leadershipTimes

Frontrunner for Scottish Labour leadership holds open prospect of working with Holyrood ConservativesScotsman


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