11.45pm Dan Hamilton on CentreRight: Russia’s perspective on the crisis in South Ossetia

8.30pm Matt Sinclair on CentreRight: Kagan on Russia and Georgia

4.15pm Robert Halfon’s final moving report from Rwanda: Tom’s story

2.45pm ToryDiary: Cameron attacks Russia’s "disproportionate and despicable" behaviour

1pm Charlie Elphicke on CentreRight takes Russia’s side in the South Ossetia crisis

Noon ToryDiary: Any questions for the Mayor of London?

10am ToryDiary: The very cautious William Hague

9.30am Dan Lewis on CentreRight: Russia has yet to understand its Cold War defeat was moral as well as strategic

ToryDiary: Nick Herbert plans tougher bail conditions

David Dundas on Platform: What to do about the UK housing market?

Julia Manning on CentreRight: Being a working mother does not equal having deprived children

Seats and candidates: Iain Dale meets Simon Jones, the Tory seeking to unseat Jon Cruddas

PlayPolitical videos:

Party Conference will include session on the Tories’ preparations for government

"The Conservative leader’s decision to discuss openly the Tories’ plans for taking over from Labour risks leaving him vulnerable to accusations of hubris. But Mr Cameron wants to win over the sizeable minority of voters whom polls suggest are not yet convinced his party is competent and ready to assume power." – FT

(Yesterday’s Observer reported a scramble for tickets to Tory conference).

Also, on the same FT page, Jean Eaglesham notes that six or seven shadow cabinet ministers typically miss every meeting.

Michael Gove reveals that more students are shunning A-levels

The Shadow Schools Secretary quoted in The Telegraph: "This is further evidence that the Government is slowly strangling the A-level. Gordon Brown has consistently refused to secure the A-level’s future as a qualification beyond 2013.  Ed Balls is actively trying to subvert the A-level by using diplomas as a way of undermining the gold standard qualification instead of concentrating on making the diploma a top-flight vocational exam."

"Tests are tools to help children achieve the best" – Ed Balls in The Independent

Video: The Guardian talks to Ken Livingstone about Boris Johnson’s first 100 days

Janet Daley: Cost of essentials will dominate politics for a decade

"The cost of those things that are essential to life – fuel, food and property – is going to be the big political issue of the next decade. But that does not mean that government should become even more involved in the provision of them. In tough economic times, what it should be doing is protecting the consumer and keeping its own charges to a minimum. When politicians take an active hand in delivering the goods, you can be sure that it will end up in your pocket." – Janet Daley in The Telegraph

The Independent: "Gordon Brown’s economic recovery plans took a farcical twist as a senior civil servant was overheard discussing secret proposals to give families a one-off windfall of up to £150 towards their winter fuel bills."

General David Petraeus hails Britain’s SASTimes

ConservativeInternational: Brendan Nelson "impressed" with David Cameron

Ben Farrugia on Platform: Cut £2bn from small business taxation by abolishing Regional Development Agencies

Douglas Carswell MP on CentreRight: Ease off the China-bashing, please


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