5.30pm CentreRight: Alex Deane on the isolationist attitude to Georgia

4.15pm PlayPolitical: Trailer for the film I.O.USA

1pm Simon Chapman on CentreRight: RIP time for ‘Sharing the proceeds of growth’

ToryDiary: Accommodation in Birmingham

Jeremy Hunt MP on Platform: What I learnt in China

PlayPolitical videos: Barack Obama attacks John McCain for owning seven homes and a Swift Boat-style ad hits Barack Obama for links to 1970s terrorists

AmericaInTheWorld: There are over 325,000 churches, synagogues and mosques in America

Today’s must-read: James Forsyth previews David Cameron’s likely foreign policy

"The last few days suggest that Cameron’s instincts tend towards aggressive containment. He also has a keen sense of the importance of a British Prime Minister; something that will lead him — as it did Blair — into a more interventionist stance if elected and closer to Washington, still the locus of global power. It is noticeable that in private the Tories admire the energy that Nicolas Sarkozy has shown during this crisis and on the world stage generally. Stylistically, he is seen as a blueprint for how to behave. Some will see this as just a desire from the Tory leadership to appear on the ten o’clock news, but being in shot requires you to do something — to have an active not a passive foreign policy." – Spectator

FT: Boris hasn’t delivered big changes for Londoners

"For most voters there has been little to show for Mr Johnson’s seismic victory. Despite his masterful election campaign, his administration appears to lack what political consultants call “a narrative” – a vision that ordinary voters can identify with. Together with the disarray over his appointments, it suggests a lack of readiness for office." – FT

If the capital is a Tory test-bed, the early results are mixed – The Economist

US Conventions: Maude is off to Denver, Fox to Minneapolis

"The Tories will be represented in Denver by Francis Maude, the Shadow Cabinet Office Minister, as well as Simon Burns, an opposition whip who – unusually for a Tory – has always identified with the Democrats.  The party is also sending a strong team to the Republican convention in St Paul the next week. This will be led by Liam Fox, the Shadow Defence Secretary, who was able to retain good relations with the Bush Administration during a five-year frost caused by Tory criticism of the war in Iraq." – Times

Build new homes on green belt, says Policy Exchange think tankTelegraph

David Cameron is unwise to suggest banning Russians from shopping here
– Ruth Lea in The Telegraph

"Sir John Major is in danger of becoming a national treasure" – Rory Bremner in The Telegraph

Spandau Ballet’s Tony Hadley to serenade Tory conferenceIndependent

Grey Britain has more pensioners than childrenTimes

Anger as veterans’ parade cancelled while gay pride march goes ahead in DoncasterTelegraph

Economies have to be made and the Cleggs are having to shop at Sainsbury’sIndependent


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