9pm CentreRight updates:

6.30pm CentreRight updates:

4pm Jim McConalogue on CentreRight:  Will a Conservative government bring about a change in British literature for the better?

3.15pm Seats and candidates: Three candidates adopted for City Seats Initiative in Bromwich

1.30pm ToryDiary: Boris and Dave both seek to gain from the ‘Obama effect’

Noon ToryDiary: Jonathan Isaby to join ConservativeHome from The Telegraph

10.30am ToryDiary: Prime Minister Cameron’s early decisions

ToryDiary: And the only man who would improve Labour’s fortunes is …

Andrew Lilico on CentreRight asks if growth in the money supply may force interest rate rises and tax cuts, potentially splitting Conservatives

Matthew Sinclair on CentreRight expresses his scepticism of the quango energywatch

Miliband_david_red_2 Brown reins in Miliband critics

Brown has ordered his closest allies to stop briefing against the foreign secretary, following his call for a bolder policy agenda – The Guardian

Miliband cancels official trip to India under pressure from Brown – The Times

Brown to resist backbench calls to sack Miliband – The Independent

Alice Miles profiles both David and Ed Miliband for The Times

Tories have nothing to fear from David Miliband, writes Daniel Hannan for the Telegraph

Cameron’s first hundred days

The final part of Andrew Grice’s series on Tory policies for the Independent looks at the first acts of a Cameron government, and whether divisions over Europe could return

Part 1 on the broken society | Part 2 on the economy | Part 3 on the NHS and education | Part 4 on the environment

Recession likely, but Thatcherite reforms mean long-term economic prospects remain positive

Edmund Conway in the Telegraph: "A recent report from Goldman Sachs showed that although Britain’s economy may be overtaken by China and India in the coming years, the amount of wealth shared by each citizen on our small island will climb even higher than in the United States. It calculates that Britain could become the richest nation on earth, in terms of economic wealth per capita. The benefits of Thatcher’s economic reforms – tearing down barriers to commerce and liberalising labour markets – made Britain one of the most dynamic, flexible, attractive places to do business in the world. Even a decade of Labour’s regulatory and tax creep has not entirely eroded this."

Setback to Labour plan to cap spending in marginals between elections

Leaked Electoral Commission document expresses "strong reservations" over Jack Straw’s proposals – The Guardian

David Cameron is one of the best-read people in British politics

Iain Dale in the Telegraph: "He speed-reads his way through several tomes a week. Some years ago I owned Politico’s, a political bookshop in Westminster, and I remember well the huge orders Cameron used to place before each holiday – and this was before he was an MP."

Lindsayduncanasthatcher_4Pictured: Lindsay Duncan as Margaret Thatcher in new TV series The Evening Standard

Lib Dems’ top donor changes name and appearance in advance of major fraud trialThe Times

EDF Energy withdraws £12 billion offer to buy British Energy

The surprise announcement leaves the Government facing the prospect of its nuclear plans being delayed by years – The Times

Government considers windfall tax on fuel firm profits

The Chancellor is considering imposing a windfall tax on energy companies amid the public outcry over record increases in fuel bills. – The Times

A windfall tax would drive away investment without cutting fuel bills, argues Martin Waller in The Times

Ministers plan curb on pro-suicide web sites

"Websites which encourage vulnerable teenagers to kill themselves are to be blocked under plans by the Government to tackle the dozens of suicides that have been linked to internet chatrooms" – The Independent

Foreign prisoners now account for more than an eighth of Britain’s prison population The Times


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