6pm Dan Hamilton on CentreRight: "Congratulations to David Cameron for seizing the initiative and announcing plans to fly to Tbilisi tomorrow morning for meetings with Georgian political leaders."

2pm PlayPolitical: A five minute video that captures the Tory social action project in Rwanda

1.45pm Suli Shah on CentreRight: We need to show India more love

1pm Dan Hamilton on CentreRight: Time to get serious about "cyber warfare"

Putin_310am Jim McConalogue on CentreRight: Vladimir Putin is tyrant of the week

9.15am Graeme Archer on CentreRight welcomes the introduction of crime mapping in London

ToryDiary: Caroline Spelman slumps in shadow cabinet league table

Oliver Marc Hartwich on Platform: Urban regeneration isn’t working (but it can be better)

Local government: Eric Pickles’ tribute to Sandy Bruce-Lockhart

ConservativeInternational: Stephen Harper exploits green tax plans of Canadian Liberals

Today’s must-read: A mini-revival of social conservatism is in the air

"Yet there is reason to believe that the Tories’ flirtation with
righteousness will not end badly this time. For one thing, theirs is
not a heavy-handed approach. It generally rejects compulsion in favour
of exhortation—an underrated policy instrument, they say, pointing to
the success of government campaigns against smoking and driving after
drinking. For another, the Tories have gone out of their way to stress
that their social conservatism does not extend to race or
sexuality—something that couldn’t be said of all their predecessors." – The Economist

Policy Exchange faces legal action for accusing British mosques of distributing extremist literature

The Al-Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre in west London has hired the law firm Carter Ruck to sue the think-tank for defamation – The Independent

Iain Dale in The Telegraph: "All in all, Right-of-centre think tanks may be in ferocious competition, but they are thriving. As the Tories grow in strength, so, too, do the donations from philanthropists, entrepreneurs and businessmen… Policy Exchange has led the way in tapping the City for money and now employs 35 staff – small by American standards, but unheard of on the Right of British politics."

The intellectual heart of Cameron’s conservatism – The Independent

Forget friends like these, David – Michael Brown in The Independent

British combat troops to leave Iraq ‘within a year’

Defence sources confirmed proposals to withdraw all but a few hundred military trainers – The Times

"House prices have doubled in a matter of months. Restaurants are opening alongside the waterside corniche. Oil-rich Kuwaitis are beginning to move in, and trade at the port is booming… Major General Barney White-Spunner, just returned from commanding British forces in southern Iraq, claims Basra has been transformed. Less than a year ago, British soldiers were being attacked day and night." – The Guardian

Conditions are right for a fundamental change in the UK mission in
Iraq, the outgoing commander of British forces in the country has said – BBC

Gap in ‘A’ level results grows

The education gap is widening under Labour as students from fee-paying schools pull ahead of those from the state sector – Telegraph

Increasing numbers of teenagers are opting to take four or more subjects in an attempt to stand out from the growing crowd getting three A grades The Times

Cocaine use trebles in a decade

2m Britons take illegal drugs each month; 1 in 3 adults has tried banned substances; 1 in 4 school-aged children has used drugs – The Independent

Rise in drug use sees more than 1,200 children hospitalised last year Telegraph

Brown is facing pressure from Labour MPs to put himself at the heart of the Glenrothes by-election campaign  The Scotsman

Brown to offer former Smith Institute head Downing Street strategy post

"Wilf Stevenson, who was previously the head of the controversial charity the Smith Institute, is being lined up as a strategy adviser to the Prime Minister and is expected to help draft radical new policies to win back voters." – The Telegraph

Rearranging advisers on the ship of state – The Telegraph

Benn’s tears for the terrorist

"Tony Benn broke down in tears at the Edinburgh Book Festival as he recalled the late Bobby Sands, the republican MP who died while on hunger strike in the Maze prison, Belfast, in 1981." – The Times

Sarkozy’s ‘peace in our time’ deal on Georgia is a reminder of what could happen if the EU wins more clout – Gerard Baker in The Times  


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