7pm Alex Deane on CentreRight: Unnamed Tory MEP criticises Cameron’s expense reforms

5.30pm Local Government: Doughnuts for votes – Tories criticise Blears’ White Paper

3.30pm ToryDiary: Leaving the EPP just got a little harder

2.30pm ToryDiary: Cameron announces code for MEPs’ expenses

2.15pm Jill Kirby on CentreRight: Divorce, children and the role of stigma

ToryDiary: Live PMQs blog from noon

ToryDiary: Move over, Theresa

Nick Herbert MP on Platform continues our ‘A Government Worth Having’ series: Prisons with a reforming purpose

Parliament: Neville-Jones attack Labour’s "reactionary" plans for 42 days’ detention

On CentreRight: Matt Sinclair highlights a new global warming ‘drama’ from the BBC and Simon Chapman is appalled at John Bercow’s language on abortion.

PlayPolitical video: Video attacks Barack Obama’s 2007 suggestion that Iraq troop surge would be counterproductive

George Osborne signals switch to rewarding people for being green

"A Tory government would encourage schemes under which people would be paid to recycle, shadow chancellor George Osborne is due to announce.  Mr Osborne will argue that current government policies are unpopular and suggest that "instead of using sticks, we can use carrots" to boost recycling." – BBC

"Households will be rewarded by a Conservative government for recycling waste with vouchers worth up to £360 a year, the shadow chancellor, George Osborne, will say tonight." – Guardian

Tory frontbench peer apologises twice after saying "nigger in the woodpile" during Lords debateTimes | Telegraph

New ICM poll finds support for David Davis on 42 daysSky

"Gordon Brown’s flagship policy of extending pre-charge detention of terror suspects to 42 days suffered a major blow last night when a former head of MI5 came out against the controversial proposal.  Baroness Manningham-Buller, who headed the security service from 2002 to 2007, told the House of Lords that she did not believe the proposal to extend pre-charge detention from the current 28-day limit was "in any way workable"." – The Herald

Boris scraps Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Advisory

Lord Saatchi’s indictment of the Labour years

"How many of us claim benefits from the Government? 39 per cent of households, nearly double 10 years ago. How many people are forced to claim benefits from the Government in order to pay taxes? 21 million. How much do they claim, just to pay tax? £36 billion a year. How much of the year do the poorest people spend working just to pay tax? Until the end of July.  These facts are filed today as exhibits in an indictment against "New Labour" on seven counts of conspiracy, solicitation, attempt and incitement." – Maurice Saatchi in The Telegraph

Access Lord Saatchi’s full paper via the Centre for Policy Studies’ website.

If Mr Cameron has the courage to bring morality back into politics, he will truly be Thatcher’s heir – Anthony Browne in the Daily Mail

"There is now an insidious belief that people become overweight or penniless through absolutely no fault of their own, as if they were simply the victims of disease or freak weather.  They are told they are ‘at risk of obesity’, rather than that they eat too much.  Consequently, they reach out a hand for incapacity or other benefits which a Labour Government, wedded to the culture of dependency on the state, has been ever-willing to provide.  Society cannot afford for this to continue, either morally or financially. So we must hope Mr Cameron believes what he says, and has the determination to help people to help themselves." – Daily Mail leader

"Mr Cameron spoke of radical plans to reform schools, improve housing, strengthen families and make state benefits more conditional on work. But it is not just, as he concedes, that such policies will come up against entrenched interests; they will have popular appeal as well. It is that coaxing the workless into work can cost more than underwriting idleness. This is where morality meets economic reality. The Conservatives may be on to something here; but they have more work to do." – Independent leader

"The exclusion zone of Mr Cameron’s uncompassionate Conservatism is wide. It encompasses not only the lazy and the drunk, but a vast array of other miscreants – the fat, the poor, the poorly educated, people with broken marriages behind them, the products of those relationships." – Alice Miles in The Times

Cassilis blogs a response to Alice Miles.

Simon Heffer urges Cameron to match boldness on social policy with boldness on the economyTelegraph

Voters not yet persuaded by Tory policies: "The current public mood is as much anti-Labour and anti-Brown as it is enthusiastically in favour of Tory policies; secondly, the Tories still have a long way to go to establish a clear identity on policy in voters’ minds" – Peter Riddell analysing the detail of the latest Populus poll for The Times

So is Ray Lewis a hero or villain?

Paul Vallely, in The Independent, concludes that – like all of us – he’s probably a bit of both.

Fathers 4 Justice protestors mount Harriet Harman’s roof AGAINBBC


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